4th Avenue Delicatessen Second Annual Hot Dog Shoot-Out This Friday

2nd Annual Hot Dog Shoot-Out
Fri, July 3
Rialto Theatre
Free/$20 to enter

The 4th Avenue Delicatessen is hosting its 2nd Annual Hot Dog Shoot-Out this Friday, July 3 at the Rialto Theater as part of Bob Log III and his Great ‘Murican B-Day Bash.

Last year’s winner, Dustin Cox, seeks to defend his wiener eating title against a very formidable challenger in Stephanie Torres, who is rumored to have traveled from Las Cruces, New Mexico via Greyhound bus to crush 17 dogs in her qualifying event. Stephanie is even calling her shots for the dog devouring competition, by pledging to eat 30 hot dogs.

If you’re into good ol’ America, rowdy-fun music, and eating contests, there is no better way to celebrate July 4th.

For more information visit rialtotheatre.com.

C.J. Hamm is a native Tucsonan and has been covering the local culinary and cocktail scene since 2012.