Four Course Mezcal & Mole Dinner At Reforma Cocina Y Cantina

Worthy culinary combinations abound. Peanut butter and jelly. Cheese and crackers. And, in the case of Reforma’s August 24 dinner, mezcal and mole.

Reforma Cocina Y Cantina is bringing a Oaxacan flavor experience to Tucson on Monday, August 24. The four-course Mezcal and Mole dinner will combine Chef Eddie Dick’s fresh Mexican cuisine with a variety of mezcal spirits. Guests will be treated to a variety of poultry-based dishes, including a duck taquito and fried quail.

Dinner is $65 per person and reservations are required.

Mezcal & Mole Menu at Reforma

Primer Curso

  • Mole Poblano – Duck confit taquito, bing cherries, peanuts, arugula
  • Paired with Xicaru, Silver 100% Espadin Agave


Segundo Curso

  • Mole Amarillo – Fried quail, huitlacoche, corn and chile stuffing
  • Paired with Mezcal Vago, Elote

Tercer Curso

  • Mole Colorado – Grilled airline chicken breast, charred scallion, habanero roasted carrot
  • Paired with Scorpion, Mezcal Anejo

Cuarto Curso

  • Cafe Don Donas – Oaxacan coffee, cinnamon and sugar, mezcal mousse
  • Paired with Del Maguey, Crema de Mezcal

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