#WeeklyDish (No. 15): Sweet Cream Honeycomb Ice Cream at the Screamery

Scorching 100-degree weather is worth lamenting, but it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in ice cream.

Thankfully, Tucson has a wide selection of local joints for ice cream and gelato.

The Sweet Cream Honeycomb ice cream at the Screamery is one of the most craveable confections this side of the Mississippi.

It starts with Screamery’s sweet cream ice cream mixed with real honeycomb pieces and local raw honey from Bee Bustin & Life’SweetHoney Farms (yep, that’s the way it’s spelled)in Marana.

The honey provides a sticky sweetness with little bits of crunch from the honeycomb. It’s a shining example of how a few quality ingredients can combine for such a complex depth of flavor.

The Screamery has four locations in Tucson and Marana. For more information, visit thescreamery.com.

Jackie is a food writer and photographer native to Tucson. He loves corgis and still thinks rickrolling is funny. If you'd like to stalk him, visit jackietran.com and his Instagram @jackie_tran_.