Cooking Channel’s “Late Nite Eats” to feature Dante’s Fire, Pasco & Parish November 30

The Cooking Channel’s new show Late Nite Eats will showcase Tucson restaurants at 7 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday, November 30.

The show features chef Jordan Andino on the hunt for restaurants with a standout late-night food scene. He meets with the restaurant chefs to learn about their takes on late-night dining.

For Andino’s Tucson trip, he visited Dante’s Fire, Pasco Kitchen & Lounge, and The Parish.

“We built one of our little masonry grills and roasted a pig on the patio,” said Ramiro Scavo, chef and owner of Pasco Kitchen & Lounge. “And then we made our T-Town Nachos and tacos. It was a really cool experience behind the scenes seeing how food shows are made and the host was cool too.”

Andino was included in Zagat’s 30 Hottest Chef’s Under 30 in 2016 and gained a reputation thanks to his Filipino taqueria, Flip Sigi.

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