Miraval chef Kyle Nottingham to join Commoner & Co., Prep & Pastry team

Ares Collective, the team behind Prep & Pastry and Commoner & Co., announced Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa chef Kyle Nottingham will join as partner-chef on May 4.

“Our company is just so excited to have a team member focused strictly on the kitchen,” said Nathan Ares, partner at Ares Collective. “He’s like the missing piece to our puzzle. We’re just so excited to have a person of his caliber within our company.”

“I’ve always been a fan of his concepts,” Nottingham said about Ares. “It’s always my staple go-to restaurants. I admire him for being like myself but on the front-of-house side.”

Nottingham will spend the majority of the first couple of months at Commoner & Co. overhauling some menu items, going over brand systems, and going over all their applications. Afterwards, he’ll help develop other ideas for the company.

“I’m excited to cook within the community and represent where I grew up,” Nottingham said.

Learn more about chef Kyle Nottingham in our March 10, 2017 Nine on the Line.

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