28 January, 2022, 11:37

Pita Jungle Launches Superfood-Focused Seasonal Menu

From blueberries to kimchi, Pita Jungle's new menu combines flavor and conscious eating

Arizona-based chain Pita Jungle has taken major steps to accommodate conscious eaters.

To start, they’ve added vegan and gluten-free menus featuring their signature dishes altered to meet these dietary restrictions.

Furthermore, their latest update on the Seasonal Kitchen Crafts menu features seven new dishes, three new sides, and seven new protein options, all based on “superfoods.” This particular menu will run through mid-September.

Pita Jungle Seasonal Kitchen Crafts Menu

  • Avocado Hummus Tostada – baked corn tortilla, avocado hummus, Tuscan kale and cabbage slaw, avocado, pickled onions, garlic, pico de gallo, jungle damage green sriracha, cumin-yogurt sauce
  • Barley & Beluga Lentil Fetoosh Bowl – toasted barley, beluga lentils, Tuscan kale, Roma tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, red bell pepper, radish, red and green onions, garlic, fresh jalapeño, fresh mint, roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, pomegranate vinaigrette, pita chips
  • Veggie-Quinoa Stir Fry with Kimchi – red quinoa, broccoli, carrots , mushrooms, baby spinach, red onions, minced garlic and ginger, cage-free egg, jungle damage green sriracha, kimchi
  • Crouching Kale & Hidden Berry Bowl – Tuscan kale, blueberry, pomegranate seeds, carrots, fresh jalapeño, white and red cabbage, red bell peppers, garlic, ginger, fresh mint, toasted almonds, Thai-tahini dressing
  • Avocado & Garbanzo Southwest Bowl – avocado, chickpeas, red quinoa, Roma tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, celery, roasted jalapeños, organic blue corn chips, pickled onions, fresh mint and parsley, minced garlic, pumpkin seeds, cumin, herb-honey-apple-cider vinaigrette
  • Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich – gluten-free brownie, vanilla ice cream, strawberry, blueberry
  • Super Perfect Yogurt Delight – barley, pomegranate seeds, pistachio, blueberry, local AZ honey, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, rose water
Avocado Hummus Tostada (Photo courtesy of Pita Jungle)

Avocado Hummus Tostada (Photo courtesy of Pita Jungle)

  • Lebanese Potato Salad (contains eggs)
  • Gingered Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Barley & Beluga Lentils
Protein Add-Ons
  • Wood-Fired Norwegian Salmon
  • Grilled Marinated All-Natural Chicken Breast
  • Mediterranean Meatballs (grass-fed beef)
  • Taco Style Ground Beef (grass-fed)
  • Organic Baked Marinated Tofu
  • Cage-Free Skillet or Boiled Egg
  • Baked Falafel

Pita Jungle has locations at 5340 E. Broadway Blvd. and 7090 N. Oracle Rd. #136. For more information, visit pitajungle.com.

Jackie is a food writer and photographer native to Tucson. He loves corgis and still thinks rickrolling is funny. If you'd like to stalk him, visit jackietran.com and his Instagram @jackie_tran_.