The District Tavern to reopen as ‘District Tavern… eats’ on North Stone Ave.

One of Tucson’s shuttered iconic bars will soon reopen on September 15.

The District Tavern closed in 2015 after a decade in business. However, they recently renamed their Facebook page to District Tavern eats and announced a grand opening at a new location:

The new location at 1535 N. Stone Ave. previously held Classic Spaghetti Western Steakhouse, which closed earlier this year in July. The District’s original downtown location at 260 E. Congress St. developed a reputation for its $3 special of Miller High Life with a shot of Old Crow whiskey.

No updates yet on if the special will return or what will be on the menu. Stay tuned for updates.

[09/04/2018 update: we spoke with District owner Noël Chester on the phone]

“I’m pretty f***in’ excited,” said Noël Chester, owner of the District Tavern.

And the special will return.

“If I can do it with draft beer, I will,” Chester said. While the price is tentative based on what her distributor can provide, the special will still be an affordable Miller High Life and shot of Old Crow whiskey.

The menu will include all-day breakfast, along with an economical breakfast special.

“We’re going to try transfer a lot of the concept of the District Tavern into the food,” Chester said. “Make it affordable for people to come and enjoy themselves and not feel they’re going somewhere greedy.”

Breakfast options include comfort food, baked goods, and savory muffins in flavors such as dark chocolate, bacon, and chile pepper.

The restaurant would be a sandwich place, but will include meatball, sausage, and parm sandwiches with marinara, Chester said. Vegan and vegetarian options will also be available.

“I’m going to do some surprise foods other people aren’t experiencing in town,” Chester said. “The Heartbreaker is a cheese sandwich wrapped in bacon and deep-fried.”

Other returning favorites include pool tables, live music, and a jukebox. Customers are encouraged to bring in CDs to add to the jukebox collection.

“It’s a bike ride from downtown, U of A, and Fourth Avenue,” Chester said. “I’m totally and completely devoted to making this work. I invite new folks with open arms. There’ll be food for everyone. And it’ll be clean and affordable.”

District will be open daily, but hours are tentative based on neighborhood demand.

Keep up with District Tavern eats on Facebook.

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