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Raging Sage: The Perfect Blend of Freshly Roasted Coffee and Family Tradition

The quaint coffee house serves house-made pastries, unique teas, and a variety of coffee and espresso drinks.

Raging Sage Facade Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Raging Sage Facade (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Family owned and operated since 1998, this cozy coffee shop offers a welcoming atmosphere for coffee and pastry lovers alike.

If you’re craving a little local flavor mixed into your morning cup o’ joe, look no further than Raging Sage Coffee Roasters on North Campbell Avenue.

Established in 1998 by Roger and Julie Sliker, the quaint coffee house serves house-made pastries, unique teas, and a variety of coffee and espresso drinks made from sustainably grown beans that are roasted in-house.

Family is the foundation of Raging Sage

When the Sliker Family first launched Raging Sage, their goal was to create a warm, welcoming space that fostered a sense of a community.

Now, over 20 years later, the homey coffee shop continues to uphold those family values. Since Roger’s passing in 2010, Julie and her daughter Shelby continue to run the business, with Shelby’s daughter now working in the coffee shop, too.

Raging Sage Exterior (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Raging Sage Exterior (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

“The family atmosphere is really what sets us apart from the typical coffee chain,” said Kristi Fabijanic, head baker at Raging Sage.

Not only is Raging Sage run by family but they treat their employees and customers like family, too. “I’ve been here for about six years now,” said Fabijanic, “and my coworkers have truly become my best friends.”

Fresh and sustainable roasts served hot and fresh

Raging Sage offers a rotational selection of coffee beans, roasted in-house and served fresh daily.

“We used to roast them right here in the coffee shop,” said Fabijanic, “but we ran out of room!”

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Now, Raging Sage does their roasting at an offsite location and has the beans delivered every day. “Sometimes, when we’re really busy, our roaster will deliver twice a day,” said Fabijanic.

More on the beans

Raging Sage uses Arabica beans sourced primarily from Africa, Costa Rica, India, Peru, and Indonesia.

Roasts range from light to dark but the most popular by far is the Raging Sage Blend: an award-winning house blend developed for both the espresso and brewed coffee that’s served in the shop.

Roasts are available for purchase in store and online.

Popular coffee choices

Naturally, the freshly roasted beans lend themselves to a variety of coffee and espresso drinks.

Fabijanic’s personal favorite is the Cubano, which features espresso infused with raw sugar and finished with steamed half-and-half. “It’s rich and a little sweet—but not too sweet,” described Fabijanic.

Another popular option is the Oaxacan Mocha, a Mexican espresso drink subtly spiced with nutmeg, cayenne, and cinnamon.

Raging Sage Almond and Savory Scones with a Hot Latte (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Raging Sage Almond and Savory Scones with a Hot Latte (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Fresh-baked favorites from the head baker

If you’re looking for something to nibble on with your coffee, Raging Sage also offers a curated selection of house-made pastries, cakes, and baked goods.

However, the real superstars of the bakery case are undoubtedly the scones. “Everybody comes in for the scones,” said Fabijanic.

Staying true to Roger’s original recipe, Fabijanic bakes the beloved local favorites in a variety of flavors.

The rustic-style scones are generously portioned and feature a flaky outer crust with a moist, cakey center.

Popular options include: the Sage Pecan Scone, served with house-made jalapeño jelly; the savory Ham and Cheese Scone, a satisfying breakfast option; and the sweeter Toasted Almond Scone, topped with boysenberry jam.

Toasted Almond Scone with Boysenberry Jam and Coffee at Raging Sage (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Toasted Almond Scone with Boysenberry Jam and Latte at Raging Sage (Credit: Dana Sullivan)

Keep an eye out for special bakes

In the afternoon, you might find some Capanzano Orange Olive Cake in the case and when the holidays roll around, keep an eye out for the Eggnog Cheesecake.

While the recipes mostly stay true to tradition, there are a few new additions inspired by customer feedback. Vegan Muffins and Vegan Scones were recently added to the menu and have been a popular option for the shop’s vegan clientele.

“Ultimately, we want the baked goods to feel like something your grandma would make for you,” said Fabijanic, proving once again that it’s all about the feel-good family atmosphere at Raging Sage.

Operating hours

Raging Sage is open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sundays, 6:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Raging Sage Coffee Roasters is located at 2458 N. Campbell Ave. For more information, visit ragingsage.com.

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