5 October, 2022, 20:23

Eater just gave Tucson a shout-out for “Sonoran Sushi”

Eater highlighted Sonoran sushi as "Tucson's buzziest newcomer."

Although the Sonoran hot dog has become Tucson’s unofficial food mascot, another unexpected food group represents Tucson in a recent Eater article: Sonoran sushi.

In the article In Sonora, and in Tucson, Mexican Sushi Means Boneless Buffalo Wings, Eater highlighted the lesser known combination of cuisines as a trending food:

And then there’s Sonoran sushi, Tucson’s buzziest newcomer. Sonoran sushi is not a Mexican-American invention, nor is it some jalapeno-laden riff on the rock and roll sushi craze of the late 1980s and ’90s — though its embrace of excess (and cream cheese) does hint at that era. In fact, Sonoran sushi may be Tucson’s most direct-line Sonoran culinary import since that lauded, loaded hot dog.

The article features three South 12th Avenue restaurants for Mexican sushi: Sushi Kito, Sushi-lito, and El Sushi de Papa La Carreta; all three restaurants are within a one mile stretch.

Although we in the Tucson Foodie office have had our fair share, we haven’t heard any other buzz on it yet; what are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite spot? Let us know in the comments.

Click here to read In Sonora, and in Tucson, Mexican Sushi Means Boneless Buffalo Wings.

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