This Dickman’s Ugly Steak sandwich steals the show at Food Groupie Café

The Bruno Mars sandwich features the local cult classic Ugly Steak from Dickman's Meat & Deli.

We’ve found Tucson’s next big food truck sandwich. Here’s a hint: Ugly Steak. Here’s another hint: Bruno Mars.

As it turns out, food truck Food Groupie Cafe features a sandwich called the Bruno Mars with the local cult-classic Ugly Steak from Dickman’s Meat & Deli, blue cheese, grilled onions, and mushrooms on a bun from Viro’s Real Italian Bakery.

The Ugly Steak is grilled whole and not sliced, but don’t worry, you won’t need a knife. The medium-rare steak yields easily to the tooth, while the toppings all combine their collective umami for a supremely beefy bite. However, you will need some napkins.

“It’s a good cut of meat,” said Brian Wolf, owner-chef at Food Groupie Cafe. “I don’t know why more restaurants aren’t using it.”

Brian, Vanessa, Piper, and Abby at Food Groupie Cafe (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Brian, Vanessa, Piper, and Abby at Food Groupie Cafe (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Wolf attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute, then worked for various establishments such as Nimbus Brewing Company, Monkey Burger, and Bone-In Steak House. He opened Food Groupie Cafe in September 2018.

“The theme my wife came up with because of our love of music,” Wolf said. “So many memories and good times with amazing food and friends. We want a following of groupies for our food to be music to your mouth and soul.”

While the menu isn’t soul food, Wolf wants the comfort food to speak to your soul. All the sauces are made from scratch; Wolf also cures the bacon with bourbon.

The warmth also shines in the service. Wolf’s wife, Vanessa, and daughters, Abby and Piper, can be found taking orders, helping in the kitchen, and delivering orders with a smile.

Vanessa taking orders at Food Groupie Cafe (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Vanessa taking orders at Food Groupie Cafe (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Food Groupie Cafe Menu Highlights

  • Luke Bryan Burger ($11.50) – 1/3 pound Angus patty, cheddar, thick-cut bacon, onion straws, bourbon barbecue sauce
  • Sammy Hagar Burger ($12.50) – 1/3 pound Angus patty, teriyaki, piña colada sauce, thick-cut bacon, grilled pineapple, melted queso Oaxaca
  • Bruno Mars Sandwich ($14.50) – Ugly Steak, blue cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms
  • Steak Fingers ($10) – served with fries or buffalo chips and ranch
  • Buffalo Chips ($5) – spicy, coated buffalo French-fried chips

If you’re looking for the food truck, follow their schedule and keep an eye out for the bright yellow exterior.

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