28 November, 2021, 01:49

Brunch Must: Cast-Iron Pancake at Maynards Kitchen

If you're trying to maintain a low-carb diet, this is not for you.

This perfect Cast-Iron Pancake ($12) at Maynards Kitchen comes hot, hot, hot with warm strawberry house made syrup. It’s two-parts Dutch Baby to one-part griddle cake and all-parts yummy.

The crusty exterior hides a delicate puffy texture with a light crumb…the egg-y flavor makes it almost creamy. Topped with fresh, tangy strawberries and crunchy pistachios makes for a great morning and prepares you for your post-prandial nap. Yes, please!

Being that it’s summer and this pancake is served in hot cast-iron, you might want to get there early.

Maynards Market & Kitchen is located at 400 N Toole Ave. For more information, visit maynardstucson.com.

Jenn, who grew up with too many brothers, talks with her mouth full during the movie.