30 November, 2022, 11:25

8 restaurants for escargot in Tucson

The snails have a tender bite similar to mushrooms.

Do you love garlic bread? Well, escargot are the next step.

Most of the Italian and French preparations of snails in Tucson feature a gratuitous amount of garlic butter along with some form of bread for dipping. The snails themselves add a tender bite similar to mushrooms.

Below are eight restaurants to eat escargot in Tucson. While some Mexican seafood restaurants also sell snails, this article focuses on garlic buttery escargot.


4777 E. Sunrise Dr.

A Foothills staple, Bazil’s recently celebrated their 40-year anniversary. Their Escargot features roasted garlic, butter, and Gorgonzola, served with toasted crostini.

For more information, visit bazilstucson.com.

Charro del Rey

178 E. Broadway Blvd.
Charro Escargot at Charro del Rey (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Charro Escargot at Charro del Rey (Credit: Jackie Tran)

For the Charro Escargot, Charro del Rey takes the classic French combination of escargots and garlic butter, then adds a Sonoran twist with their signature carne seca. Don’t forget to squirt the lemon over everything.

For more information, visit charrodelrey.com.

Dante’s Fire

2526 E. Grant Rd.

Dante’s Fire takes the classic route with their Escargot — snails, white wine, and garlic butter, served with grilled crostini.

For more information, visit dantesfireaz.com.

Dolce Vita

1800 E. Fort Lowell Rd. #168

Dolce Vita offers two varieties: the classic Oven Baked Escargot and the Oven Baked Escargot in Mushroom Caps with Mozzarella.

For more information, visit dolcevitatucsonaz.com.

Ghini’s French Caffe

1803 E. Prince Rd.

Escargots a la Bourguignonne at Ghini’s French Caffe (Photo courtesy of Ghini’s French Caffe)

Order the Escargots a la Bourguignonne, only available on Ghini’s Friday and Saturday dinner menu. The snails swim in a pool of garlic butter with artichoke hearts and Parmesan. Get some extra house-made bread to make sure none of that butter goes to waste.

For more information, visit ghiniscafe.com.

Jonathan’s Cork

6320 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

An east side classic, Jonathan’s Cork keeps their Escargot classic with garlic, shallots, wine, and butter served with bread.

For more information, visit jonathanscork.com.

Le Rendez-vous

3844 E. Fort Lowell Rd.

Escargots au Chablis at Le Rendez-vous (Photo courtesy of Le Rendez-vous)

With the Escargots au Chablis at Le Rendez-vous, bright and acidic Chablis wine helps balance out the richness of the garlic butter.

For more information, visit rendezvoustucson.com.


6440 N. Campbell Ave.
(Credit: Vivace Restaurant)

(Credit: Vivace Restaurant)

Meanwhile, Vivace amps up the richness in their Escargot and Artichokes by utilizing both garlic butter and Gorgonzola.

For more information, visit vivacetucson.com.

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