3 December, 2021, 06:44

Brunch Must: Vegetarian Omelette at Arizona Inn

Traditional dining at this desert oasis.

Arizona Inn is a Tucson landmark. The historic grounds are an oasis in the middle of town.

Entering the dining room transports you back decades to a time when service was a different art form and mornings were spent quietly with well-prepared food and the Sunday paper.

Vegetarian Omelette (at Arizona Inn (Credit: Jenn Teufel)

The Vegetarian Omelette ($14) at Arizona Inn is a simple American-style omelette featuring melted havarti and fresh spinach and tomatoes, topped with a large fan of creamy avocado. The tangy, garlicky tomatoes burst with flavor and the house potatoes are tender and delicious.

Save the sweet treat for last — their vibrant house-made marmalade. It’s best served on toast with the addition of agave butter and paired with a cup of joe as a slow start to the morning.

*Please note that the omelette appears on the breakfast menu and is served until 11 a.m.

Arizona Inn is located at 2200 E. Elm St. For more information, visit arizonainn.com/dining/main-dining.

Jenn, who grew up with too many brothers, talks with her mouth full during the movie.