30 November, 2022, 23:19

“The Page Turner” — a gift guide for recipe lovers (using local bounty)

A timeless gift that locals will love.

With a plethora of local bounty, direction on how best to incorporate it into our homes and onto our plates is certainly needed. We have some terrific local book authors that have come to the rescue!

Here are some of our favorites that will put a smile on any foodie’s face this festive season.

The Page-turner

Food books (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Local Gifts from Tucson: Food books (Credit: Jackie Tran)

How’s how to up the game in the kitchen
  • Arizona Chimichangas by Rita Connelly — we love her foodie mind and blog. Her books about Tucson food-lore are available on Amazon. Top tip: Get her book, pick up some chimichangas from around town, and have a holiday party to remember.
  • The Green Southwest Cookbook by Janet E. Taylor — Southwest cooking is brought home with cookbooks focused on using local fare. You can pick her books up at Cheri’s Desert Harvest or on Amazon.
  • Modern Southwest Cooking by Ryan Clark — it opens the door to cooking using local ingredients through the eyes, and practiced hand, of our three-time Iron Chef Tucson champion. Pick up a copy at Native Seed/SEARCH, Cheri’s Desert Harvest, Kartchner Caverns, Casino del Sol Resort, or buy it online.
  • The Prickly Pear Cookbook, New Southwest Cookbook, and Cooking the Wild Southwest by Carolyn Niethammer — the Arizona-born author was raised near Prescott and is currently living in Tucson. Her love for Southern Arizona and great food comes through beautifully in her cookbooks. Many are available on her website or from Cheri’s Desert Harvest.
  • Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. Cookbook by Jean England Neubauer — Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. in Tumacacori makes great use of local peppers and spices. They also have some terrific ideas on how to use them in their cookbooks. Pick up a copy from their store in Tumacacori (perhaps it’s time for a visit), at Cheri’s Desert Harvest in Tucson or get one online.
  • Saving Seeds in the Southwest is a terrific handbook for a food buddy that’s into gardening. This type of heritage gardening is imperative to our survival as our natural water sources become more depleted. Get your hands on a copy at Native Seed/SEARCH in the store or online (they have an amazing product line with gorgeous gift collections).

But wait, there’s more

For more gift ideas, including collections with hot sauces and salsas, cozy drinks and eats, a variety of local snacks, supplies for a home chef, festive drinks, and desert-influenced preserves, check out The Ultimate Food Lovers Gift Guide with Local Gifts from Tucson.

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