27 November, 2022, 08:01

Boba shop “Ni Hao Tea” to open on Broadway & Swan

Hello, 2020!

Boba tea shop Ni Hao Tea announced plans to open at 4726 E. Broadway Blvd. mid-January.

The 1,500-square-foot restaurant previously housed Mr. Goodcents Subs & Pasta. The interior features a modern industrial feel with brick walls and wood floors.

Warm chandeliers and seating for 38 will also make it a cozy place to hang out.

“The spirit of Ni Hao Tea is tea from our heart in your home away from home,” said Kim Zhou, owner at Ni Hao Tea. “Tea from our heart means that we care about our customers and want to make sure they are getting quality drink with quality ingredients. In your home away from home means we will ensure that the authentic flavor, comfortable environment, and pleasant service will provide our customers with a home feeling.”

While Ni Hao will use only premium tea leaves, they will ensure quality through technique as well.

“We freshly brew our tea to a precise temperature, 186 degrees Fahrenheit for our premium green tea and 212 degrees Fahrenheit for our black tea, to give you a perfect and balanced tea flavor,” Zhou said. “We cook our boba every three hours to ensure our boba is soft and chewy.”


The menu also features a variety of milk tea, iced tea, iced fruit tea, slushes, and cream cheese milk cap teas. Flavors range from fruity to classic (such as matcha and taro) and specialty (such as Hokkaido milk candy). An additional special menu will be released once Ni Hao opens.

Operating hours will be 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.

Stay tuned for additional details — we’ll follow up once Ni Hao is officially open.

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