‘By The Bucket’ Spaghetti Takeout to open its first Tucson location

Have you ever had dreams of slurping spaghetti noodles out of a bucket? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking of something new to take along with you while on the run or during a peaceful picnic up on Mount Lemmon.

Either way, you can soon cross it off your bucket list.

By The Bucket, a spaghetti takeout restaurant originating in Payson, Arizona is opening up a Tucson location at 2130 N. Kolb Rd.

By The Bucket

Photo courtesy of By The Bucket on Instagram

Since 2018, owner Bret daCosta has been flinging spaghetti, meatballs, and marinara sauce into buckets, and his restaurants have been multiplying ever since. Tucson’s east side is the first area to get a peek at the menu, which features buckets in three sizes.

There’s a small bucket with a half-pound of spaghetti, the medium-sized bucket comes with a pound of spaghetti, and if you’re aiming to order a large Family Bucket, expect one and a half pounds of spaghetti. Garlic bread is included with each tub and meatballs can be added for an additional charge.

By The Bucket

Photo courtesy of By The Bucket on Facebook

Buckets are fun but if you’re not in the mood for that much food they’ll have other options like sides of meatballs, sandwiches, garlic bread, cheesy bread, and cheesecake.

The spaghetti takeout joint is planning to open up sometime in the next couple of months.

By The Bucket will soon be located at 2130 N. Kolb Rd. For more information, visit bythebucket.com or follow By The Bucket on Facebook

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