Hillhouse Coffee to open its new drive-thru experience in February 2022

January 14, 2022
By Matt Sterner

"Cold roast opens the door for unique flavor pairings"

In Tucson, there’s a good deal of local options if you’re in the market for grabbing a coffee. You’ve got those roasting their own beans, shops that offer an artistic atmosphere, and the folks that are supporting other local vendors.

Some of these coffee spots acquire all of the above, and now there’s a new concept coming to the scene with the intention of shortening wait times. With that being said, Hillhouse Coffee is planning to open its new drive-thru experience in early February 2022 at 8991 E. Tanque Verde Rd. — just near The Gardens at Bear Canyon.

Hillhouse Coffee
The Beach House Latte (Photo courtesy of Hillhouse Coffee)
Coffee for those in a hurry

While enjoying the environment in a cafe is pleasing to some, others are seeking something a little faster. This is where co-owners Logan Power and Eric Haberman and their cold roast come into play.

“We were looking at different ways of doing coffee that didn’t require an espresso machine,” said Logan Power, co-owner of Hillhouse Coffee, “And what we came out with is what we call ‘cold roast.’ It’s essentially a coffee that we steep.”

Therefore, Hillhouse Coffee is striving to become one of the quickest coffee shops in Tucson, all while maintaining the quality of a drink that’s got just as much caffeine as espresso.

“It’s different from cold brew and the ratio of coffee to water, steeping time, and a few other elements as far as the roasting that we’ve manipulated,” said Power “We put this cold roast in kegs, and essentially what we do is just like beer — you pull back from the tap. We have our cold roast coming out in a much faster window than an espresso machine does.”

Keeping things local

Power and Haberman are partnering with other local businesses, too.

For one, you can expect to find La Estrella Bakery’s baked goods on the menu. To get things rollin’, Hillhouse will be offering a few classics including a Glazed Doughnut, Mango Empanada, and a Vanilla Seashell — the popular pastry known as the Concha. Additionally, they’ve been working alongside Yellow Brick Coffee to produce something unique for the drive-thru.

Hillhouse Coffee
Baked goods from La Estrella Bakery (Photo courtesy of Hillhouse Coffee)

“We’ve had Yellow Brick sort of custom-designed a roast for us,” said Power. “So, it’s a little different than everything else they sell, but better allows us to hone in on that flavor profile. It really brings up the strength and the bitterness that you lose.”

Hillhouse Coffee Menu Highlights

  • Beach House Latte – “Our best seller. A sea salt caramel latte, reminiscent of old-world sea salt taffy.”
  • The Kraken –  “A vanilla crème cold brew for serious caffeine addicts.”
  • Bird of Paradise – “Mango and pineapple juice, with cold roast. For adventure seekers.”
Hillhouse Coffee
The Kraken (Photo courtesy of Hillhouse Coffee)

Keep an eye out for the official grand opening date as we closer to February. As of now, they’re planning on opening up the drive-thru during the earlier part of the month.

Hillhouse Coffee is located at 8991 E. Tanque Verde Rd. For more information and updates, visit hillhousecoffee.com or follow Hillhouse Coffee on Facebook


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