Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle is now open on the corner of Swan & Ft. Lowell

Bun bowls, Spring Rolls, Banh Mi & more

Over on the corner of Swan Road and Ft. Lowell, in the shopping center that contains the likes of the Basha’s grocery store and Nico’s Taco Shop, a new neighborhood noodle shop is working its way into the mix of edible options.

Just last month, Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle opened up its doors in the complex at 3225 N. Swan Rd. #111.

Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle

Photo courtesy of Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle

At first glance, you’ll notice that Bun Dock has Bun Bowls on the menu, which includes rice noodles, green leaf lettuce, mint, cucumber, pickled carrot/daikon, peanuts, green onion, fish sauce, and your choice of protein, like chicken, shrimp, or tofu — to name a few.

“Since opening, we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback and are already starting to see familiar faces returning,” said Ngan Jimenez, who co-owns Bun Dock with their husband Joe Jimenez.

There’s more than just noodle bowls, though, at Bun Dock. At the moment, the menu is serving up Fresh Spring Rolls, Banh Mi, multiple Boba beverages to keep you feeling fresh, and desserts like Fried Bananas. 

Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle

Photo courtesy of Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle

“We started out with a smaller menu specializing in Bun (Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl) but we have been introducing new items to our menu as the weeks go by,” said Ngan Jimenez. “We also have big plans on adding everyone’s favorite Pho — a must-have staple when it comes to Vietnamese food.”

The restaurant is currently open 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Monday – Saturday and closed on Sunday.

Bun Dock Vietnamese Noodle is located at 3225 N. Swan Rd. #111. For more information, visit bundockvietnamese.com or call (520) 274-7419. 

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