‘Two Hands Corn Dogs’ is opening two Tucson locations by the end of 2022

"Approaching people with a familiar vessel, but a twist inside out."

It’s been said that it takes two to tango and that it also takes two to make a thing go right. Then, sometimes it can require more than one hand to finish your meal. In this particular situation, two hands go perfectly with two Korean-style corn dogs.

The national chain Two Hands Corn Dogs is coming to Tucson and is planning to open two locations by the end of the year.

Two Hands Corn Dogs

Photo courtesy of Two Hands Corn Dogs on Facebook

The first installment is happening at the corner of Glenn Street and Campbell Avenue, while the other is moving in at 5421 E. Broadway Blvd. later in the year.

If you’re not familiar with Korean-style corn dogs, it’s a corn dog that’s turned up to 11.

Two Hands Corn Dogs

Photo courtesy of Two Hands Corn Dogs on Facebook

Two Hands Corn Dogs, which is based out of Buena Park, California, has a menu packed with items like the Potato Dog — wrapped with potato cubes and topped with their signature dirty sauce — and the Spicy Dog, which is a combination of their spicy sauce and Hot Cheetos powder.

When it comes to the actual hot dog filling, there are a few options like beef sausage, spicy beef sausage, vegan sausage, and half sausage half mozzarella.

Watch out for the combo packs, too. For example, there’s a Five-Star Corn Dog Pack that comes with a Spicy Dog, Potato Dog, Classic Dog, Two Hands Dog, and Crispy Rice Dog.

Meanwhile, take a trip to HeeMee Coffee and Bakery at 20 E. Congress St. #110. Their Korean-style corn dogs are wonderful and go hand in hand with taking a stroll through downtown Tucson.

Stay tuned for more updates about Two Hands Corn Dogs. For more information, visit twohandsus.com

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