Tucson Foodie & Maynards Presents: A Chinese Sonoran X-mas Feast

By Tucson Foodie
December 1, 2022

Chinese X-mas dinner has become a ritual of comfort for all those who don’t celebrate the Christian holiday in the traditional sense. A meal for the displaced, Chinese food on Christmas has become a significant American experience for many.

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Photo courtesy of Maynards
Photo courtesy of Maynards

At 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20, chef and artist Feng-Feng Yeh (the brainchild behind the Chinese Chorizo Festival) is partnering with local Indigenous chef Rusty Ramirez to bring us a special Chinese Sonoran X-mas Feast.

The dinner will be focused on chiltepin’s native culinary heritage to the southwest while exploring how it can be utilized to evoke Chinese cuisine. This union of Indigenous and Chinese cuisine will tell an intersecting story of resilience of the peoples of Tucson.

Tickets are $175 per person, $250 for couples, and an option to add on wine pairings for $40 (individual) and $80 (a couple).

Each ticket includes a multi-course meal, a Peking Duck demonstration by Forbes Meat Company, a Hand-Pulled Noodles demonstration by chef Yeh, a large selection of vegan and gluten-free dishes, and a gift bag.

The final menu includes Peking duck, hand-pulled noodles, and a thematic tribute to the native chiltepin. Just like last month's event at Obon, this dinner is destined to be an unforgettable evening.

Welcome Cocktail by Suncliff Gin Small Welcome Dishes Mixto Bandera: sweet and salty fried peanut, popped amaranth, roasted pepitas, chiltepin, V, GF Marbled tea eggs w pickled ginger, GF Silken tofu, sesame oil, black vinegar, green chiltepin, wasabi, leek and cilantro Vista microgreens, V, with a side of shaved Katsuobushi GF Deep fried anchovies, GF Escabeche Chinito: pickled vegetables, black vinegar, chiltepin, V, GF Warm Welcome Dishes Scallion pancake, sweet mesquite, garlic confit, scallion, V Steamed Shrimp Chive Balls, GF Noodles & Grains Handmade Biang Biang tea noodles, mushroom Chinese chorizo, chiltepin chili crisp, preserved mustard greens, sunflower, wasabi leek and cilantro Vista Microgreens, V Amaranth & millet congee, mushroom broth, amaranth microgreens, with a side of roasted Mission Gardens O’odham Ha;l squash, V, GF  and a side of pork belly tepary beans, GF Mains Tamarind lemon fried mushrooms, sweet and sour tamarind lemon glaze, cornmeal breaded seasonal Spencer’s Shroomery mushrooms, V, GF Peking duck with Don Juan corn tortillas, leek and cantaloupe Vista microgreens, pomegranate miso hoisin sauce, GF Vegetable Chinese Broccoli w wolfberry, V, GF Dessert Yuo tiao, jasmine sweet soybean milk ice cream, popcorn Vista microgreens, V Carbonated grapes w house made jamaica tajín, V, GF

Maynards is located at 400 N. Toole Ave. To purchase your tickets, visit eventbrite.com


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