Sunday Brunch at Loews Ventana Canyon (Photo by Addie Ibarra)

The Best Things The Tucson Foodie Team Tasted In June 2023

July 1, 2023
By Tucson Foodie

Here’s a look back at what the Tucson Foodie team enjoyed the most in June. Also, not only are these reminders of the dishes we ate, but they can also be a guide for your own decisions on what to eat here in Tucson.

Addie Ibarra

5 Points Market & Restaurant

I will not shut up about how much I love the dinner program at 5 Points. We started with a free sparkling and pet nat wine tasting and followed it up with a bread course, followed by a kale Caesar salad that would resurrect Julius from his grave. And they’re only open until 8 p.m. so you can be in bed by 9 with a happy, full belly.

a plate of food on a table
5 Points Market & Restaurant (Photo by Addie Ibarra)
Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

The Sunday Brunch at Loews Ventana Canyon is everything buffets should strive to be. Live music, free-flowing mimosas, and the most divine array of proteins and vegetables that I’ve ever laid eyes on. Do you want sushi? They have it. How about prime rib? Sure thing. Deliciously grilled sides and vegetables? Hell yeah.

a person standing in front of a tray of food
Sunday Brunch at Loews Ventana Canyon (Photo by Addie Ibarra)
Saguaro Corners Restaurant & Bar

The cheese curds at Saguaro Corners are dangerously good. The restaurant has an awesome ambiance, a dog-friendly patio with shade, and great views of the mountains. You’re definitely going to want to catch a sunset there.

a plate of food
Cheese Curds at Saguaro Corners Restaurant & Bar (Photo by Addie Ibarra)

Hannah Hernandez

GM Kitchen 86

The street corn at GM Kitchen 86 has my heart. Ask for vegan mayo and no cheese to make it vegan!

a piece of food on a plate
Street Corn at GM Kitchen 86 (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Jackie Tran

Che Cafe

Argentinian empanadas from Che Cafe. Rather than a buttery crust, it has a more saltine cracker-like texture, which made it feel lighter and easier to eat more empanadas. The fatay has a lemon-marinated beef filling, bright with a little sweetness from onion and pepper. For sweet empanadas, go for the strawberry, evocative of a Toaster Strudel without the cloying sweetness.

a box filled with different types of food
Argentinian empanadas from Che Cafe (Photo by Jackie Tran)

Mark Whittaker

Midtown Market & Vegan Deli

Every month I eagerly await to see what “burger” the kids come up with over at Midtown Market for their, yes, burger of the month. Not once, not a single time, have I been disappointed. It’s hard to wrap my omnivorous mouth around the fact that everything that I am eating is 100% plant-based from that place. June’s offering, the Hawaiian Burger, was probably one of my favorites. It’s a Beyond Meat patty that is topped with grilled pineapple, pickled onions, white “cheese”, vegan bacon with a housemade teriyaki glaze, and a Sriracha aioli. This thing was sticky, messy, spicy, tasty, and a whole lot of fun to eat. As per tradition, I take the burger of the month to a local park where I can sit in relative peace and enjoy some nature as I throttle that goodness into my gob and scream.

a close up of a sandwich on a plate
Midtown Market & Vegan Deli (Photo by Mark Whittaker)
Del Cielo Tamales

This was a funny one because I totally didn’t go to Del Cielo for the calabacitas. In fact, I was ordering some enchiladas when I noticed they had some as a side item for a pretty decent price. Feeling saucy and a bit hungry, I tacked on an order of calabacitas because, hey, you only live once! When I got home I decided to try the calabacitas because if a Mexican joint can do calabacitas correctly then that Mexican joint is always right. Hands down some of the tastiest calabacitas I have ever had and I’ve had my fair share. The peppers and squashes were ripe and perfect and sat there in a golden glow of sauce and seasonings. Sometimes at night, I dream about their calabacitas, wishing it was by my side again. Then I wake up and realize that Del Cielo is a few blocks from the house. Thanks, calabacitas!

a close up of food
Del Cielo Tamales (Photo by Mark Whittaker)
Gallery of Food

For nearly two years I called Gallery of Food my day job. It was an amazing experience, I learned a lot, and I got to work in various formats. One of the best things about working there was getting to eat the food. Chef Chris Baldwin and the owner Kristine Jensen, have always come up with incredible recipes all sourced from local farms, ranches, and gardens. They decided to switch up their lunch and dinner menu before they close from July 1 – July 18 for a summer break, adding one dish that blew me away. The Pueblo Ahi is a plate of perfectly seared ahi tuna that has a crust of black sesame seeds and mustard that sits among a happy throng of crispy beets, ginger escabeche, avocado, mango, and grilled jalapeños with a zesty chile mayo. It was so good — so very, very good. July 18 can’t get here fast enough.

a plate of food on a table
Gallery of Food (Photo by Mark Whittaker)

Rita Connelly


Say what you will about Sam Fox, the man knows hospitality. We started with the Shishito Peppers with unami sauce. Then the “Dough” — a pepperoni pizza — and the “Bird” — the rotisserie chicken with mac n’ cheese. Finished off with lemon meringue pie.

a pizza sitting on top of a plate of food on a table
a piece of cake on a plate
Doughbird (Photos by Rita Connelly)
Baja Cafe

Golly, Campbell Plaza has so many good restaurants. Presenting the Leige Waffles at Baja Cafe. Get ’em while they got ’em — one batch is made daily, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

a plate of food
Leige Waffles at Baja Cafe (Photo by Rita Connelly)

Shane Reiser

Agustin Kitchen

The Wild Lion Mane Ragú at Agustin Kitchen.

a bowl of food on a plate
Wild Lion Mane Ragú at Agustin Kitchen (Photo by Shane Reiser)
Cafe Desta

The shorba at Cafe Desta is the best food for your money — hands down. Fight me about it.

a bowl of soup and a sandwich on a plate
Cafe Desta (Photo by Shane Reiser)

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