Best Things the Tucson Foodie Team Tasted in June 2024

July 1, 2024
By Tucson Foodie

Here’s a look back at what the Tucson Foodie team enjoyed during June!

Not only are these reminders of the dishes we ate, but they can also be a guide for your own decisions on what to eat here in Tucson.

8195 N. Oracle Rd.

I prefer to drink my calories in the summer. The Painkiller at Cabali really does take your pain away.

Cabali (Photo by Addie Ibarra)
Hacienda Del Sol
5501 N. Hacienda Del Sol Rd.

The Tiki Tuesday cocktails from Hacienda del Sol pair well with any of its new menu items such as the spring rolls (not pictured here because I was too hungry to snap a photo).

Hacienda Del Sol (Photo by Addie Ibarra)
La Botana Tacos
565 E. Wetmore Rd. #155

The two-for-one giant margaritas at La Botana are perfect for a girl’s night or a hard day.

La Botana Tacos (Photo by Addie Ibarra)
Kung Fu Noodle
3122 N. Campbell Ave. # 100

Everything at Kung Fu Noodle. Always served piping hot, I’ve loved every plate. This month I had the Kung Pao tofu and the garlic broccoli.

Kung Fu Noodle (Photo by Chrissy Mance)
La Botana Tacos
565 E. Wetmore Rd. #155

La Botanas’ Rojas Poblanas burrito (that I ordered chimi style). Roasted poblanos, corn, beans, rice, and more — the thing is massive. Plus their salsa bar is amazing and each basket of chips is served with warm smoky chipotle bean dip.

La Botana Tacos (Photo by Chrissy Mance)
Ken’s Hardwood Barbecue
5250 E. 22nd St.

The staff is so friendly and the owner is super nice. The food is fresh and made in-house and you can taste the quality. I had the jalapeño cheddar sausage and it was so good! Gobs of gooey melted cheese, medium heat, and in a soft Sonoran dog-style bun.

Ken’s Hardwood Barbecue (Photo by Chrissy Mance)

Ken’s Hardwood Barbecue’s Fried Mac and Cheese is my favorite in town. Thick coating, not greasy and so tasty.

Ken’s Hardwood Barbecue (Photo by Chrissy Mance)
Lovin’ Spoonfuls
2990 N. Campbell Ave. #120

Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ Biscuits & Gravy and a spicy mock bloody mary!

Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ Biscuits & Gravy (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)
1439 S. Fourth Ave.

Check out ADIS if you’re a pickle lemonade fan — you won’t be disappointed!

ADIS (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)
Tuxon Chix
5524 E. Grant Rd.

Tuxon Chix! One of my favorite local fast-food spots in town. I get mine to go and I hang out with the ducks and turtles at the nearby Ft. Lowell Park (2900 N. Craycroft Rd.).

Tuxon Chix (Photo by Matt Sterner)
Le Cave’s Bakery
3950 E. 22nd St.

I picked up this doughnut from Le Cave’s on National Doughnut Day. There are several great doughnut shops in Tucson so it was tough deciding where to go!

Le Cave’s Bakery (Photo by Matt Sterner)
Beyond Bread
Multiple Locations

The Kalie’s Kurry at Beyond Bread is packed with chunks of white meat and creamy curried chicken salad, slivered almonds, sweet dried cranberries, and crispy lettuce in a wheat pita. Big enough for lunch and dinner!

Kalid’s Kurry (Photo courtesy of Beyond Bread)
Cafe Passé
415 N. Fourth Ave.

The tofu scramble from Cafe Passé.

Zio Peppe
6502 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

The Mesclun salad from Zio Peppe.

The Mesclun salad from Zio Peppe (Photo by Shane Reiser)
Mian Sichuan
4695 N. Oracle Rd. #105

The vegan Dan Dan noodles from Mian Sichuan.

The vegan Dan Dan noodles from Mian Sichuan (Photo by Shane Reiser)
5 Points Market & Restaurant
756 S. Stone Ave.

Strawberry Matcha at 5 Points.

Strawberry Matcha at 5 Points (Photo by Shane Reiser)
Saffron Indian Bistro
7607 N. Oracle Rd.

Shish Kabab at Saffron Indian Bistro. Skewered ground chicken infused with roasted garlic, fresh green chilis, mint, and coriander dusted with exotic aromatic spices.

Saffron Indian Bistro (Photo by Shane Reiser)
Edna’s Eatery by Charly’s Grill
2150 N. Alvernon Way

“Spaghetti enjoyed the scrambled eggs and sweet baked potato from the Dog Days menu at Edna’s Eatery at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. She made sure to mention that the prices were very affordable since she doesn’t work.”

– Addie Ibarra

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