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Sushi platter at Yamato Japanese Restaurant (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

The Best Sushi In Tucson

Updated March 6, 2024

When it comes to the best sushi Tucson has to offer, this guide covers them all. From casual all-you-can-eat sushi, to bento box lunch specials, all the way up to classy spots for that hot date you really want to impress, we’ve got them all here.

So grab your chopsticks, your soy sauce, and let’s dig in.

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an overhead picture of sashimi on a plate
Yuzu Hamachi (Photo courtesy of Ginza Sushi & Izakaya)

Ginza Sushi & Izakaya

Located amongst the scenic foothills, Ginza’s a gem for top-notch sushi in Tucson. Jun-san, the owner and chef, knows his stuff and it shows in every bite. The ambiance is characterized by izakaya-style dining, inviting guests to enjoy shareable plates in a cozy, family-owned establishment.

a plate of food on a table
Sushi Roll (Photo courtesy of Izumi)


Izumi’s all about big flavors and even bigger portions. Fans rave about their scorpion roll and fresh sashimi. But it’s not just sushi – they’ve got dishes like Spicy Squid and Tonkotsu Ramen too. Perfect for when you’re craving a little extra!

a photo of sushi on a plate
The Kazoku Roll (Photo courtesy of Kazoku Sushi)

Kazoku – Sushi & Japanese Cuisine

Kazoku Sushi stands out with its excellent service, food, and atmosphere, reflecting the hard work put in by its owner-chefs. In addition to the sushi, their Champong (seafood noodle soup) is a must-try, and the green tea ice cream’s a sweet way to wrap up your meal.

Assorted dishes at Kukai (Photo by Dana Sullivan)


Tucked away in the MSA Annex, Kukai’s a delightful spot for sushi and ramen in Tucson. You can tell the chef, Michael McCormack, really loves his craft – every dish is top-notch, especially the salmon hand rolls and the pickled plum onigiri. It’s in the courtyard, so grab a seat or stroll while you eat!

a photo of sushi rolls on a plate
Ya Ya Roll at O Sushi Restaurant (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

O Sushi

With its baseball-themed decor, O Sushi is all about having fun. Their Ya Ya Roll is a real winner – it’s got spicy yellowtail, cucumber, and cilantro, with albacore and jalapeño on top. Hearty, flavorful, and satisfying, to be sure!

Rainbow Poke Bowl at OBON (Photo by Jackie Tran)


Right downtown, Obon mixes it up with sushi and ramen that have a twist. Their ramen broths are rich and full of flavor, and the Monster Roll, loaded with shrimp tempura and soft shell crab, is a real standout. Plus, they’ve got daily specials and an extensive cocktail list.

a piece of sushi on a plate
The Mexican Sushi Roll (Photo courtesy of Sachiko Sushi)

Sachiko Sushi on Wilmot

Sachiko Sushi is hailed as one of the best sushi joints in Tucson, where diners can enjoy expertly prepared, fresh dishes. Their menu covers both Japanese and Korean cuisines, making it a favorite spot for lovers of Asian food. Make sure to try their their miso soup and salmon sashimi!

sushi on a wooden table
(Photo courtesty of Sakari Sushi)

Sakari Sushi

Ready to stuff your face with sushi without emptying your wallet? Check out Sakari Sushi! Their all-you-can-eat deal is a total steal, and the sushi is as fresh as it gets. Plus, they’ve got their sushi rice down to a science. Great spot if you’re the kind of person who wants to try a bit of everything.

a photo of a sushi bowl
Volcano Spicy Tuna Don at Samurai (Credit: Shana Gegantoca)


If you’re looking for a cool hangout with great sushi, Samurai’s your place. Try the California rolls, for sure, as well as the Mexican and Banzai versions. Not only is their sushi top-notch, but they also dish up some mean Japanese fast food – their chicken yakisoba is a Foodie favorite!

a close up of food
Vegan sushi (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Samurai Sombrero (at American Eat Co.)

Samurai Sombrero is where East meets the Wild West, y’all! They serve up sushi rolls like you’ve never seen before. Check out the Samurai Roll – it’s stuffed with tempura shrimp, cream cheese, and avocado, then deep-fried and topped off with spicy crab, eel, and a kickin’ mango hot sauce. It’s a sushi fiesta!

a plate of food on a table
(Photo courtesy of Shogun Japanese Restaurant)

Shogun Japanese Restaurant

Over at Shogun Japanese Restaurant, they’re keeping things classic and authentically Japanese. They dish out some unbelievable salmon – think nigiri, sashimi, the works. They’ve also got some wicked good ice cream and beer. Hits the spot every time!

a photo of two pieces of nigiri-style sushi
Maguro Nigiri at Sushi Cortaro on River (Photo credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

Sushi Cortaro on River

Known for its generous offers, Sushi Cortaro has not only good sushi, but also mouthwatering tempura and Katsu dishes. Swing by for lunch and try out their specials or treat yourself to their Chef’s Special for a fancy night out. They’ve got two locations — even more to love!

an overhead photo of dim sum
Dim Sum at Sushi Lounge (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Sushi Lounge

If you’re looking for a place that serves wicked good Dim Sum AND sushi in the Dirty T, you gotta check out Sushi Lounge. This joint is right by the Rodeo Grounds and might just have the best Dim Sum around​​. Can’t decide what to order? Go for their BBQ Pork Buns, Har Gow, Red Dragon Roll, Tootsie Roll, or Orange Chicken. Trust us, you’re in for a treat​!

Sashimi Salad at Sushi on Oracle (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Sushi On Oracle

Freshness is the name of the game at Sushi on Oracle. They’re all about serving up the freshest fish in town in their unique sushi rolls. Be sure to try rolls like the Caterpillar Roll and the Toro. If you’re feeling adventurous, give the Smelt Roe with quail egg a shot — we bet you’ll love it!

Poki Salad at Sushi Cho (Photo credit: Shana Gegantoca)

Sushi-Cho Restaurant

A sushi haven in Tucson! They’ve got a bunch of tasty combos like the Cho Combo in classic and deluxe styles. Don’t miss out on the Hamachi Kama, a buttery yellowtail collar dish that’s super good. They also have a dinner box packed with shrimp tempura, gyoza, yakisoba, and more!

a picture of sushi
Sushi and nigiri at Yamato Japanese Restaurant (photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Yamato Japanese Restaurant

A hidden gem on East Grant Road, offering exceptionally fresh sushi that’s so good it’s sometimes tough to get a table​. The owner/chef, Noboru Nakajima, brought his sushi skills from Japan, and his dedication is reflected in the quality of the sushi, especially the nigiri​​. Definitely check out the Amaebi (raw shrimp), Hamachi (yellowtail), and raw scallops!

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