Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries Now Open

Last modified on August 5th, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Burger from Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries

If you’re an Edible Baja Arizona fan, and you happen to read – and remember – the New Eats column by Tucson Foodie, you’ll no doubt recall mention of Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries. Graze, a new concept from Jeff Katz, Fran Katz, and Paolo DeFilippis, the restaurant group behind Choice Greens, is a ‘healthier’ version of a fast-food burger joint.

Graze offers Niman Ranch all-natural antibiotic-free and hormone-free premium beef with local, 100% grass-fed Double Check beef available for an upcharge.

In addition to burgers, Graze offers fresh cut fries, Smart brand free-range antibiotic-free and hormone-free chicken breast, Arizona-sourced tepary bean and superfood-based veggie burgers, and Niman Ranch nitrate-free all-natural 100% beef hot dogs.

Soft Serve Ice Cream at Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries

Soft Serve Ice Cream at Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries

And, what burger joint is complete without some kind of delicious dairy treat and soda fountain? Strauss Family Creamery organic soft serve vanilla and chocolate are available along with Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages – one of the few organic sugar cane sodas available fountain style. Whether you’re a soda person or not, the Fair Trade Certified Maine Root options including Blueberry, Mexicane Cola, and Mandarin Orange are a nice touch.

Prices for a meal are in the $6 to $12 range.

Graze is located at 2721 E. Speedway and is open daily. For more information visit them on the web at

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  • bishless

    I paid this place a visit today for lunch. Opinion: you don’t get what you pay for. When I want a $12 lunch, I’ll go to Zinburger.

    • tucsonfoodie

      I think it’s a fair deal for the quality of ingredients. The burger is $5.99. Zin’s is twice that. With that in mind, Graze is a fast food joint. Zin is a lovely, full-service restaurant. It’s also Graze’s first few days open. It takes a little while to work out the kinks.

      • bishless

        I get that. I’m hoping the “$4 to make it a combo” is a kink that gets worked out soon.

  • Francisco Leyva

    We had plans for different restaurant that night, but when 16 of us showed up to the restaurant we were told to sit for two hours to wait for a table. Hold on, I told the group. Graze Premium Burgers just opened a couple of days ago. Looks like quality food, but at accessible prices. We got there and place our orders. Big group, so all items in the menu were ordered. The burgers are of an average size and have great texture. I highly recommend the grilled jalapeños with the burger. The fries are above average, following their quality ingredients theme, I can see some sweet potatoes fries in the future. The hot dog is well excellent. It comes sliced and grilled. It is full of flavor. The bun might need some tweaking. We had the salads with and without the chicken. The salads are a good portion and very tasty. The grilled chicken is quiet good, juicy and a good portion.
    The craft sodas have good flavors, but a sugarless option is needed. I think they cannot overlook the need for an Ice Tea option.
    This place is off to a great start and you should give it a try too.

    • tucsonfoodie

      Thank you for the comment. Agree!