Downtown Kitchen Celebrates Diverse Peruvian Cuisine

Beginning September 2nd and running through October 6th, DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails makes its last stop on this summer’s Around the Globe Summer Tour with a final hurrah in Lima, Peru.

Peruvian food draws upon extraordinary biodiversity filtered through the indigenous Incan heritage, the rich culinary legacy of the Spanish, and later, the influences brought by Chinese and Japanese immigrants.

Check out the delicious creative menu their culinary team has whipped up. Dishes can be ordered individually as priced or as a three course menu for $38 per person:


  • Lima: Don’t Call Me Chicken Fingers! – quinoa breaded fried chicken with aji Amarillo, minted tomato salsa and fried bananas $9
  • Causa x 2: with Crab + Octopus – Crab: corn, ají limo, cilantro aioli, nori;  Octopus: black olive aioli, capers, tomatoes $12 gf
  • Nikkei Style Hamachi + Yuzu Edamame Puree – late summer melon, mirin glaze, mint, radish $12 gf

Main Courses

  • Arroz con Pato + Minted Aji Amarillo Orange Vinaigrette  – seared duck breast, confit leg, herb rice,  peas + corn $24
  • Braised Lamb Shank + Peruvian Potato Gratin – lamb shank braised in red wine + aji Amarillo paste on Peruvian potato gratin + sauce of the minted, reduced braising liquids $23 gf
  • Peruvian Seafood Stew – shrimp, mussels, squid in rich aji tinged shrimp broth with corn, potatoes and butternut squash $23 gf


  • Banana Tres Leches Cake with Italian Meringue – pineapple, strawberries $8
  • Lucuma Panna Cotta – alfajores dulce de leche $8

Reservations are available at 520-623-7700 or online at

Nina is a Creative Nonfiction MFA candidate at the University of Arizona, a food writer and a recipe addict.