20 October, 2020, 08:37

Carlson Creek Winery Gets Napa Valley Touch

In late 2015, there will be a new reason to visit Willcox.

Carlson Creek Vineyard will be introducing a brand new 10,000 case winery and tasting room to their 160 acre property. The local, family-owned vineyard is working with Napa Valley firm BAR Architects. Sounds like a wine tasting dream.

In addition, Carlson Creek Vineyard just released their first-ever Merlot varietal. The 2012 vintage, aged in French and Hungarian oak barrels, is a robust Merlot highlighted by flavors of plum and cracked peppers with a lasting finish.

According to the people who know better, it’s “a perfect pairing for ribs and a wine that both serious oenophiles (that’s a wine-lover, by the way) and the newly initiated can enjoy.”

For more information visit Carlson Creek on their website, call (520) 766-3000 or visit their Facebook page.

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