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Six Homemade Popcorn Recipes To Sneak into the Movies

Holiday season is typically a popular time to catch a flick. For many moviegoers, popcorn is as paramount to the theater-going experience as the film. The only problem is it’s expensive. Instead of dropping almost seven bucks on a bucket, try this: sneaking in homemade popcorn.

As daring foodies, we shouldn’t be content with microwaving a bag at home and trying not to burn ourselves by sneaking it into the theater under our shirts. No, we can do much better than that. We’ve compiled six homemade popcorn recipes for that next movie theater outing.

Each recipe starts with a base of prepared popcorn that can be easily crafted in mere minutes utilizing only three ingredients: bulk popcorn kernels, a brown paper bag, and a microwave. (This video from The Kitchn demonstrates how simple it can be to make.) But, if you’re a purist, don’t let us keep you from your preferred method.

Garam Masala Popcorn

Source: Popsugar
Garam Masala Popcorn (Credit: Popsugar)

Garam Masala Popcorn (Credit: Popsugar)

This is the healthiest (and easiest) of all the exotic recipes as it only requires garam masala, salt, and cayenne pepper. While you’re likely to have salt and cayenne pepper already on hand, garam masala is not exactly a pantry-staple for those that aren’t used to cooking Indian cuisine. Thankfully, grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Sprouts will have this spice in bulk, which means you can get only the amount necessary for this recipe.

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Pad Thai Popcorn

Source: Honest Cooking
Pad Thai Popcorn (Credit: Honest Cooking)

Pad Thai Popcorn (Credit: Honest Cooking)

Sticking with the same continent is this elaborate but well-worth-the-time Pad Thai Popcorn recipe. This one requires a bit more preparation and ingredients to create one of the most unique flavor profiles associated with simple popcorn. Be warned that this one is pretty messy, however, so be sure to snag a few napkins from the concession stand before heading into the theater to eat this far-east treat.

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Buffalo Popcorn

Source: Sweet Treats & More
Buffalo Popcorn (Credit: Sweet Treats & More)

Buffalo Popcorn (Credit: Sweet Treats & More)

For those that want a little kick, this Buffalo Popcorn adds the right amount of heat to plain popcorn. While the recipe calls for Franks Hot Sauce, any wing sauce can be substituted to temper the heat (or increase it if you’re daring). Just don’t forget to sneak a bottle of water, too.

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Wasabi Soy Sauce Popcorn

Source: Brooklyn Farm Girl
Wasabi Soy Sauce Popcorn (Credit: Brooklyn Farm Girl)

Wasabi Soy Sauce Popcorn (Credit: Brooklyn Farm Girl)

Continuing with the heat trend, this Wasabi Soy Sauce Popcorn offers full-flavor with a strong amount of heat. Be as liberal or conservative with the combination of wasabi powder and red pepper flakes as you can handle, but the addition of soy sauce and sea salt should balance out excessive heat. You may need an extra bottle of water, however.

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White Truffle Rosemary Popcorn

Source: A Bachelor and His Grill
White Truffle Rosemary Popcorn (Credit: A Bachelor And His Grill)

White Truffle Rosemary Popcorn (Credit: A Bachelor And His Grill)

Making this popcorn takes only five minutes, but that doesn’t mean it skimps out on being flavorful. The mix of Mediterranean basil, white truffle oil, and dried rosemary offers an elevated flavor profile over the traditional “movie theater-style” buttered popcorn (which isn’t even butter, it’s butter-flavored oil). Not to mention it will sound fancy to all your friends when sharing during the film.

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Kahlua and Espresso Bean Caramel Corn

Source: Rachel Cooks
Kahlua and Espresso Bean Caramel Corn (Credit: Rachel Cooks)

Kahlua and Espresso Bean Caramel Corn (Credit: Rachel Cooks)

You might get a toothache just looking at the ingredients for this most indulgent blend of chocolate, sugar, and Kahula; fortunately the taste is worth the future dentist visit. A rich blend of coffee can easily be substituted for the Kahula for an extra dose of caffeine that can be helpful if you’re heading to a late-night flick. This recipe takes a little longer to get that caramel corn consistency, though, so be mindful of that when preparing it before heading out to the theater.

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