Tucson Foodie Seeking Meat Loving Writer

(Black Hoof Meat by Greg Bolton)

Pork belly. Aged ribeye. Duck confit. The Sausage Shop. University of Arizona Meat Lab. Dickman’s. Foie gras. Prime rib. sous vide hanger steak.

If these items and places make you salivate and you have writing skills. We want to hear from you.

General Requirements

  • One article per week ranging from 300 – 500 words. (Details TBD.)
  • Photos accompanying article. You don’t have to be Ansel Adams, but you’ll need basic photography skills. No phone shots (unless they’re exemplary), nothing super grainy in low light, nothing blurry.

If eating, writing about, and shooting photos of all kinds of meat based items (land animals – no fish) is something you feel like you were born to do, get in touch via our contact page. Please include links to any relevant writing samples.

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