The Screamery To Offer Five Flavors At Arizona Whole Foods

On Friday, September 4, The Screamery’s ice cream became available at Whole Foods across the state.

“We’re excited that people who can’t make the long drive to the last stop light on the Eastside of town can find our product at Whole Foods, ” commented Linda Sarnoski, owner of The Screamery.

Sarnoski and her husband were inspired to create their own ice cream when they started a new diet, focused on natural, wholesome ingredients. The couple found that they couldn’t find any ice cream that satisfied this criteria and their cravings, and decided to start experimenting.

Now, the shop offers over a dozen flavors ranging from Almond Joyous to Cookies and Cream. The Screamery often makes use of local products in their recipes, which range from traditional to more unique.

The five flavors available at Whole Foods include:

  • Sweet Cream Honeycomb
  • Ooey Gooey Buttercake
  • Coffee Toffee
  • Burnt Bourbon
  • Sonoran Chocolate

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