3 October, 2022, 13:46

Pangean Coffee Opens In Former Prayerfully Popped Space On North Wilmot

A new coffee shop has opened in the former Prayerfully Popped space which was vacated when Prayerfully Popped relocated south to Speedway and Wilmot.

Pangean Coffee, located at 1525 North Wilmot, offers house roasted beans roasted to preference, three daily drip offerings, espresso drinks, and baked goods.

Pangean Coffee specializes in light to medium roasts, but as owner Michael Westphall is quick to point out, he can roast to taste if someone prefers a darker roast. A number of bean offerings are also available from countries of origin such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The shop will also ship beans to anywhere in the U.S. A website is currently under construction to handle orders.

Mike Westphall roasts beans at his coffee shop, Pangean Coffee (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

Mike Westphall roasts beans at his coffee shop, Pangean Coffee (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

Although his family originally moved to northern Arizona in 1959, Westphall relocated to Tucson in 2013 after living abroad in Australia. Prior to that he ran a hydrogeologic company in Florida for over 20 years. When his wife at the time decided it was time to move back to the U.S., he scouted a number of southwest locations before settling on Tucson. To be exact, it was at the top of Gates Pass during the summer when he decided Tucson would become his new home.

“I knew at Gates Pass where I needed to be and what I needed to do,” said Westphall.

The name “Pangean” which refers to Pangea, is a fun way of saying they’re “reuniting the world through coffee,” said Westphall.

When asked what Pangean brings to the table in terms of coffee options for Tucsonans, Westphall emphasizes his shop’s fresh house roasts that are served at the peak of flavor, typically five days after roasting.

“People looking for a good cup of fresh roasted coffee have a place to go.”

The shop is opened Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8am until 2pm. Currently the shop is closed on Sundays. A website, which is in the works will be located at pangeancoffee.com.

(Editor’s note: Westphall made me a darn fine Americano.)

Adam Lehrman started Tucson Foodie in late 2008 as a way to track his search for the best food Tucson had to offer.