12 Offbeat Food Trucks From Around the United States

June 16, 2016
By Gloria Knott
By Gloria Knott

While we definitely have our share of delicious food trucks in Tucson, we don’t have anything too crazy.

However, other cities in the United States offer many off-beat and interesting food trucks. Whether it’s a hilarious name or an odd concept, each of the food trucks mentioned definitely aren’t your typical food trucks.

Below are 12 interesting food trucks in the United States.

666 Burger

New York
(Credit: 666 Burger)
(Credit: 666 Burger)

At 666 Burger, burgers are made with a sirloin, brisket, and short rib blend and are only served medium rare. 666 Burger doesn’t offer lettuce, tomatoes, or any other toppings, opting to highlight the meat instead.

The truck’s menu includes three burgers, including the original 666 Burger, the Satan Burger, which is finished with butter, and the Beelzeburger, which is a spicy version of the 666 Burger.

666 Burger says, “The burgers are so delicious they’re evil.”

For more information, visit the About section on the 666 Burger Facebook Page.

The Blaxican 

Atlanta, Georgia
(Credit: Blaxican Food Truck)
(Credit: Blaxican Food Truck)

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, The Blaxican offers Mexican soul food. The Blaxican also opened a store front in Atlanta, which is temporarily closed due to “low sales as a result of limited seating, no liquor license, poor sign visability, and no marketing budget.”

But the food truck is still open and roaming with a menu including tacos, tortas, nachos, salads, and the classic comfort food, mac and cheese.

“When I decided to create my food truck concept of Mexican soul food, I remembered a name a friend of mine from Los Angeles once called me,” said the owner of The Blaxican.

For more information, visit blaxicanfood.com.

Crazy Pyes

Tours the United States
(Credit: Andrew Sloat Twitter)
(Credit: Andrew Sloat Twitter)

If you’re a fan of the Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black, you might want to visit the Crazy Pyes food truck, which features a giant picture of the character, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

If you haven’t seen the show, it circles a woman who is sentenced to jail time for her affiliation with a drug runner.

The food truck serves fruit pies and ice cream cones, but the ice cream is a chocolate and vanilla swirl, supposedly aimed to reference the biracial relationship between Crazy Eyes and the show’s protagonist.

Although many Orange Is The New Black enthusiasts may get a kick out of the food truck, others were unhappy about the debut. Many were offended by the truck’s name and ice cream, since it adds an element of humor to serious issues such as mental illnesses and biracial relationships.

For more information, visit the Orange is the New Black Twitter Account.

The Dump Truck

Portland, Oregon
(Credit: The Dump Truck)
(Credit: The Dump Truck)

This giant yellow food truck serves dumplings.

The Dump Truck was established by Julia and Reid, a couple living and working in Beijing in 2007. Julia’s apartment was located near a dumpling restaurant owned by a man named Mr. Ma.

When returning to the United States, Julia started making dumplings inspired by Mr. Ma. She served them for a year at a karaoke bar before starting a food truck with Reid.

For more information, visit dumptruckpdx.com.

Egg Slut

Los Angeles, California
(Credit: Egg Slut)
(Credit: Egg Slut)

You guessed it. Egg Slut serves eggs. Eggs in sandwiches, eggs in burgers, eggs in salads.

Perhaps the most popular item is the Slut, which includes poached egg, potato puree, and chives served in a glass jar, with baguette slices on the side.

Egg Slut was founded in 2011 by executive chef Alvin Cailan, who recently expanded Egg Slut into Las Vegas, followed by two new California locations coming later this year.

For more information, visit eggslut.com.

Fugu Truck

Boston, Massachusetts
(Credit: Fugu Truck)
(Credit: Fugu Truck)

Although the Fugu Truck stopped serving in 2014, they’re worth the mention.

Fugu is Japanese for pufferfish, which can be, not only poisonous, but deadly, to consume. Chefs are required to have three or more years of rigorous training to be qualified to serve fugu.

Did the Fugu Truck actually serve fugu? Probably not. But they did serve braised pork belly, pulled pork, and beef tacos.

For more information, visit the Fugu Truck Facebook Page.

The Greasy Weiner

Los Angeles, California
(Credit: The Greasy Wiener)
(Credit: The Greasy Wiener)

I’m sure you can see why this food truck made the list, but here’s what’s even more interesting:

The Greasy Wiener first began in Tucson — in the kitchen of local favorite, Bison Witches.

The Greasy Wiener was established by Adam “Iggy” Dragotta, who was raised in New Jersey. After high school, Dragotta moved to Tucson and worked at Bison Witches.

In 2002, The Greasy Wiener was born. To attract more hot dog enthusiasts, Dragotta eventually moved the business to California.

For more information, visit thegreasywiener.com.

Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon

Fayetteville, Arkansas
(Credit: Hammontree's Grillenium Falcon)
(Credit: Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon)

Calling all Star Wars fans.

The Grillenium Falcon is a Star Wars-themed food truck in Arkansas. The truck is actually run by Hammontree Take Home Market, a cafe in Fayetteville. The food truck serves sandwiches, soups, and salads from the cafe.

The most popular item on the menu is the Cheebacca, a grilled cheese sandwich with two cheeses, bacon, pulled pork, onion, and garlic cilantro.

For more information, visit the Hammontree’s Grillenium Falcon Facebook Page.

Maximus / Minimus 

Seattle, Washington
(Credit: Maximus Minimus)
(Credit: Maximus Minimus)

One of the most visually appealing food trucks on the list is Maximus Minimus.

The industrial-style pig-shaped truck serves pork and chicken sandwiches, with “maximus” spicy flavors from peppers or chipotle mayonnaise, and “minimus” sweet flavors from honey or molasses.

The truck’s design was created by owner Kurt Beecher Dammeier and artist and engineer Colin Reedy.

For more information, visit maximus-minimus.com.

Shrimp Pimp

Los Angeles, California
(Credit: Shrimp Pimp)
(Credit: Shrimp Pimp)

Although the truck is now closed, as you can imagine, the Shrimp Pimp food truck served shrimp.

With items like shrimp and chips, shrimp tacos, and shrimp sandwiches, Shrimp Pimp had a four star review on Yelp.

Why did they close? Who knows. Maybe people were offended by the name.

For more information, visit Shrimp Pimp Truck on Yelp.

Space Shuttle Cafe

Brooklyn, New York
(Credit: Flickr/rexgray)
(Credit: Flickr/rexgray)

The Space Shuttle Cafe is actually made out of a Douglas DC-3 airplane, which was built during World War II and was hijacked in the 1960’s. The plane was altered in 1976 and permitted to drive on the streets.

The Space Shuttle Cafe stopped serving food in 2012 and was sold on eBay for $150,000.

The food truck — or better yet, space shuttle — served everything from snack items like hot dogs, nachos, and shaved ice, to pasta primavera, grilled chicken, and breakfast burritos.

For more information, visit douglasdc3.com.

The Tamale Spaceship

Chicago, Illinois
(Credit: The Tamale Spaceship)
(Credit: The Tamale Spaceship)

The Tamale Spaceship is your typical food truck offering Mexican dishes — except the employees only wear Lucha Libre masks.

Despite the twist of startling wrestling attire, the Tamale Spaceship was co-founded by Manny Hernandez, who was previously a chef of the top Mexican restaurants in Chicago.

The Tamale Spaceship also has a store-front where they serve tamales, tacos, and wraps.

For more information, visit thetamalespaceship.com.

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