Downtown Tucson’s Proper To Close Permanently After Three Year Run

Last modified on June 18th, 2016 at 9:51 am

Inside downtown's Proper, closing tonight (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

One of downtown Tucson’s most promising new restaurants, which opened during what many in the local media referred to as a renaissance of new restaurants opening downtown, is closing its door after three years in business.

Proper, located at 300 E. Congress St. on the southeast corner of Congress and Fifth Avenue will close its doors tonight for the last time at the end of business after dinner service.

Owner Paul Moir, who owns and operates an additional three concepts in Flagstaff, with a fourth concept on the way, cited personal reasons for the closure.

“When we reevaluated our personal lives, we had to make a decision to put our energy into those things that are closer to home and working well for us,” said Moir.

Proper, which opened in May of 2013, breathed an exciting burst of fresh life into downtown Tucson with its open air bar situated right on the corner of Fifth and Congress. The restaurant opened alongside another Flagstaff concept, Diablo Burger. An additional concept, Proper Meats & Provisions, which was slated to open between the two, was able to open in Flagstaff but not in Tucson.

“I love being downtown and I think it still has a lot of promise,” said Moir. “It’s just not working out for us at this time.”

Adam Lehrman started Tucson Foodie in late 2008 as a way to track his search for the best food Tucson had to offer.
  • Kevin V Sinclair

    While it may not have anything to do with this as a direct cause, for as long as the liberal/democrats of Tucson keep chasing away companies that provide jobs. All components of the Tucson community will suffer.

    • HomerTh

      How do you explain Caterpillar moving 600 jobs to Tucson? And how exactly did liberal/democrats have anything to do with Proper closing?

      Why don’t we discuss how the Republican state legislature and governor keep cutting education funding and how companies do not want to locate in places with poorly educated people.

    • Fil Ter

      What a stupid comment. Please tell us in exact detail how ‘liberal/democrats of tucson’ chased away Proper. How about keeping a restaurant open downtown is hard for anyone? So if liberal/democrats of tucson are to blame for the failure of Proper, do they get credit for when a restaurant or business succeeds too?

    • Lunara111

      What angry fantasy world are you living in where liberals and democrats don’t want thriving businesses to employ people? It’s a tired rant without substance. Try something original (and factual) for a change.

  • Dawn McClenon Kasarda

    Great thick cut bacon for brunch. I had some great meals at Proper. Thanks for those good food memories

  • EdieJ

    I am really sorry to hear this. I loved Proper and Paul Moir was really passionate about food and the quality of its products. Kicking self for not going more often.

  • Jennifer

    We will sure miss it guys. But I’m sure you’re doing what you feel is right for your family. Hope to get up to flagstaff this summer to visit your other places.

  • LIES424

    Gonna miss this place..I really enjoyed having drinks over apps with friends! hopefully I can visit one of other establishments in Flag! Everyone was so friendly !!

  • Joe

    Why don’t we talk about the people who worked there, were given a days notice, with no respect to there daily living needs, and what they are going to do for work now? Instead your all complaining about this and that, while hard working individuals are being thrown to the curb. Personally, I feel they should be paid a weeks salary, so they can try to find other employment!!

    • PRRH

      Is that a fact, that workers had a day’s notice?

    • Evey

      This is what unemployment insurance is for. The employer has no responsibility to give money they likely don’t have.

    • Lunara111

      Joe’s Crab Shack pulled a similar move. Doing that displays a total lack of integrity and a disregard for the community, unemployment insurance or not…

  • Valerie lane

    So sad! Proper is proper…we will dearly miss it and hope something equally fantastic can slide right in…

  • seventhletter

    It didn’t surprise me that it didn’t happen sooner.

  • Lunara111

    I was always semi-curious about trying the place and am sorry now I didn’t. However, when the question came up about where we wanted to eat, the answer was almost always somewhere downtown but was never Proper. In fact, it was never even a blip on my radar. Too pretentious and off-putting I guess.

  • uofazwildkitty

    Having to pay market-based, un-subsidized rental rates iz hardz.
    Adios, freeloaders!

  • E2W

    Still miss it. And Bianco’s, too. I live right by that corner, and it’s not the same without those two. Hope quality moves into the space, vs. the stuff catering to the students.

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