6 October, 2022, 02:33

“The Kitchen” on 4th Ave Closes Doors to make way for “The Blind Tiger” in Winter 2017

The Kitchen, 628 N. 4th Ave., has closed its doors to make way for The Blind Tiger, scheduled to open winter 2017.

Patrons who miss the Kitchen’s cooking can still order certain food items at sister establishment and bar IBT’s. However, the Kitchen’s dining room will remain closed as co-owners Michael and Alvaro Krankowski revamp the space with a modern-industrial, metal, and wood-oriented aesthetic.

“I want it to feel fun, modern, and secretive,” said Alvaro, who also manages at IBT’s. “The cocktails will be a mix of classic and modern cocktails, but not too crafty since so many places downtown are already doing that so well.”

Additionally, there will be a separate, larger “secret” bar in the patio at the back of the building.

“During the Prohibition era, a stuffed blind tiger was hanging so you’d know there was a hidden bar,” said Michael, who also owns IBT’s.

Though both owners work at IBT’s, guests shouldn’t expect the same experience.

“Blind Tiger isn’t going to be gay,” Michael said. “It’s going to be for everyone.”

Carne asada fries from the Blind Tiger (Credit: The Blind Tiger)

Carne asada fries from the Blind Tiger (Credit: The Blind Tiger)

While menus are in the works, patrons can expect affordably priced bar food such as burgers, sandwiches, and more. The kitchen will keep its from-scratch approach, making wing sauces from scratch and breading chickens strips in-house.

The signature carne asada fries will remain, while they’re looking into smoking wings.

The front will be open during the Fourth Avenue Street Fair March 24 – 26 to serve a preview of the tentative menu.

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