22 February, 2020, 21:10

Three Wells Distilling Company Vodka Now On Retail, Restaurant & Bar Shelves

Three Wells Distilling Company recently launched their handcrafted vodka on April 3, making it Tucson’s first locally crafted vodka to reach the market.

Although vodka purists often seek a spirit as neutral as possible, Three Wells sought to add some character with tasting notes of a very mild grassiness and a soft silky mouth feel.

“Personally, I like to drink it either neat or in a mule with mint,” said Matt Montgomery, co-founder and distiller at Three Wells. However, the vodka is naturally versatile enough for a wide range of cocktails.

The vodka is composed of a proprietary distillate of corn and local water. The triple-distillation and well water of an 8.1 pH creates a smooth and silky vodka, Montgomery said.

Three Wells’ vodka joins their line of spirits, which includes the Sonora Silver, Copper, and Gold, the Agave Silver and Reposado, and the Mt. Lemmon Gin.

At a manufacturer’s retail price of $19.99, the vodka is the most affordable spirit in the line-up. For a full list of where to find a bottle, visit threewellsdistilling.com.

For more information, visit threewellsdistilling.com.

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