19 October, 2020, 19:20

Fanny’s Cocina: Downtown’s Hidden Shop for Curated Culinary Goodness

Unless you’re a regular at La Cocina, you’ve probably never heard of Fanny’s Cocina.

Remember El Rapido Mexican Food, the little burrito shop that closed in 2000 after 67 years in business? As it turns out, the same folks that own La Cocina, The Dusty Monk Pub, and Bentley’s House of Coffee & Tea took over the charming 1880s Presidio adobe home.

If Time Market and Roma Imports had a baby, it would resemble Fanny’s.

The quaint space features a selection of wire rack shelves of curated goods ranging from jars of Iskashitaa Refugee Network lemon curd to cans of Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes. Wicker baskets highlight a selection of locally-sourced seasonal produce such as lemons and tomatoes.

Prepared comfort meals prepared in La Cocina’s kitchen pack the freezer — guests can choose from classics such as chicken pot pie and lasagna to more convenient options like microwaveable coconut curry with tofu and mac and cheese. The freezer also includes a few frozen veggies such as broccoli rabe.

El Nopalito Agua Fresca at Fanny's Kitchen (Credit: Jackie Tran)

El Nopalito Agua Fresca at Fanny’s Kitchen (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Fancy cheese, cultured butter, house turkey jerky, Bajo Tierra Kitchen sauerkraut, and assorted beverages fill the fridge on the left. The deli case highlights local Merchant’s Garden greens and snacks such as nut bars, peanut butter blondies, chia energy bars, and more.

At the counter, guests can order a wide assortment of beverages including coffee, milkshakes, smoothies, tea, and lemonade.

New to the menu,  raspados ($4, $1 more for ice cream) are available in mango or summer berry while aguas frescas ($4) are available in cucumber, berry, or mango. The El Nopalito agua fresca featured a refreshing blend of prickly pear, cucumber, lime, and mint over shaved ice.

While Fanny offers goods that make it a valuable neighborhood nook, their main focus is on “lovingly prepared meals for home.” To order online, visit fannyscocina.com.

Fanny’s Cocina is located at 77 W. Washington St. Operating hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday and Monday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday. Keep up with Fanny’s Cocina on Facebook. For more information, call (520) 365-3500 or visit fannyscocina.com.

Jackie is a food writer and photographer native to Tucson. He loves corgis and still thinks rickrolling is funny. If you'd like to stalk him, visit jackietran.com and his Instagram @jackie_tran_.