22 Iconic Tucson Restaurants Over 25 Years Old: Part II

Unlike the mullet, these iconic Tucson restaurants are here to stay. Here is a second list of some of Tucson’s old reliables. To see 25 additional restaurants, read our previous article, 25 Tucson Restaurants Over 25 Years Old.

Club 21 Mexican Restaurant, Est. 1946

2920 N. Oracle Rd.
Margaritas (Photo courtesy of Club 21 Mexican Restaurant on Facebook)

Margaritas (Photo courtesy of Club 21 Mexican Restaurant on Facebook)

This roadside food stand turned Mexican restaurant and tavern, has long since joined the 25+ club. Their margaritas have been perfected over the past 71 years and pair well with basically anything on the menu. They’re closed Mondays, so plan accordingly.

For more information, visit club21restaurant.com.

Cody’s Beef ‘n Beans, Est. 1988

2708 E. Fort Lowell Rd.
Steak Sandwich at Cody's Beef 'n Beans (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Steak Sandwich at Cody’s Beef ‘n Beans (Credit: Jackie Tran)

This “blue collar, casual, comfortable, western themed restaurant” still cuts their steaks with a bandsaw. For a casual environment and superb service, visit Cody’s and try their 16-ounce T-bone special on Fridays or Saturdays.

For more information, visit codysbeef.com.

Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress, Est. 1990

311 E. Congress St.
(Photo courtesy of Hotel Congress)

(Photo courtesy of Hotel Congress)

While the Hotel Congress opened nearly a century ago in 1919, local brunch favorite Cup Cafe joined the fray 81 years later. Don’t miss out on their Bloody Mary Bar and signature Cast Iron Baked Eggs.

For more information, visit hotelcongress.com.

Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant, Est. 1972

198 W. Cushing St.
Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant (Photo courtesy Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant)

Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant (Photo courtesy of Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant)

Cushing Street Bar is one of the few places in Tucson where you can enjoy posole and cool jazz on a Friday or Saturday evening. Some of the oldest parts of this building, made of thick adobe, are older than jazz itself.

For more information, visit cushingstreet.com.

Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse, Est. 1990

2735 W. Anklam Rd.
(Credit: Daisy Mae's)

(Credit: Daisy Mae’s)

Daisy Mae’s boasts the “Finest Mesquite Steaks in Arizona” and with over 25 years experience, it’s no surprise it is a favorite of many MLB and UA athletes.

For more information, visit daisymaessteakhouse.com.

Eclectic Cafe, Est. 1980

7053 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
Strawberry and Chicken Salad at Eclectic Cafe (Credit: Brian White)

Strawberry and Chicken Salad at Eclectic Cafe (Credit: Brian White)

It’s all in the name. Try any of their warm salads, satisfying and tasty. And most importantly, your pooch is welcome at Eclectic.

For more information, visit eclecticcafetucson.com.

Grandma Tony’s Pizza, Est. 1984

7010 E. Broadway Blvd. • 7878 E. Wrightstown Rd. • 13005 N. Oracle Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Grandma Tony's on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Grandma Tony’s on Facebook)

Who can’t appreciate a slice of good, traditional pizza? And with their third location opened in Oro Valley now, you can grab a slice of this ooey gooey deliciousness in nearly all corners of town.

For more information, visit grandmatonyspizza.com.

Hungry Fox Restaurant & Country Store, Est. 1964

4637 E. Broadway Blvd.
(Photo courtesy of the Hungry Fox on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of the Hungry Fox on Facebook)

“And I’m hungry like the wolf fox”. And this fox has good taste. The Hungry Fox has been serving up home cooked meals and double yolked eggs for 50+ years.

Keep up with the Hungry Fox on Facebook.

Frank’s Restaurant / Francisco’s de la Noche, Est. 1972

3843 E. Pima St.
Signage at Frank's (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Signage at Frank’s (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Pancakes by day and tacos by night, Frank’s and Francisco’s have served up accessible cuisine for the neighborhood for decades.

For more information, visit franksrestaurant.com.

Jeff’s Pub, Est. 1980

112 S. Camino Seco
Karaoke at Jeff's Pub (Credit: Jeff's Pub)

Karaoke at Jeff’s Pub (Credit: Jeff’s Pub)

Your home base for karaoke shenanigans. They’ve got a newly revamped Moscow Mule selection. And if the next morning you realize you got carried away, they’ve also got a $3.79 classic breakfast that includes two eggs, toast, house potatoes, and bacon or sausage.

For more information, visit jeffspub.com.

Kappy’s Bar & Sandwich Place, Est. 1971

2190 N. Wilmot Rd.

Well, believe it or not, this bar serves a mean sandwich. They also have a cup of chili for $2.50, so take that Wendy’s.

For more information, visit kappystucson.com.

Karichimaka, Est. 1949

5252 S. Mission Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Karichimaka on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Karichimaka on Facebook)

Say that 5 times fast after a few margaritas. Try their Cucurucho, a crisp flour tortilla cone with melted cheese, filled with your choice of chicken, beans, shredded beef, red or green chile beef; topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and guacamole.

For more information, visit karichimaka.com.

Kingfisher, Est. 1993

2564 E. Grant Rd.
Front of Kingfisher (Credit: KingFisher)

Front of Kingfisher (Photo Credit: Kingfisher)

Kingfisher barely makes it on this list, since they turn 25 later this year. Their oysters, martinis, and other cuisine is timeless, however.

For more information, visit kingfishertucson.com.

La Parrilla Suiza, Est. 1969

5602 E. Speedway Blvd. • 4250 W. Ina Rd. • 2720 N. Oracle Rd.
(Photo courtesy of La Parrilla Suiza on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of La Parrilla Suiza on Facebook)

Though the name translates to “the Swiss grill,” visit for the sizzling Mexican food. And margaritas.

For more information, visit laparrillasuiza.com.

Le Rendez-vous, Est. 1980

3844 E. Fort Lowell Rd.
Boeuf Wellington (Credit: Le Rendez-vous)

Boeuf Wellington (Credit: Le Rendez-vous)

This French bistro is one of the few places in town that serves Beef Wellington, frog legs, and escargot. Check them out on date night and end the evening with their Grand Marnier Souffle.

For more information, visit rendezvoustucson.com.

Lerua’s Fine Mexican Foods, Est. 1922

2005 E. Broadway Blvd.

You cannot, we repeat – cannot – go wrong with Lerua’s green chile tamales. They put a “whole lotta love” in them which is likely one of the keys to their continued success.

Keep up with Lerua’s Fine Mexican Food on Instagram.

Little Anthony’s Diner, Est. 1988

7010 E. Broadway Blvd.
(Photo courtesy of Little Anthony's Diner on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Little Anthony’s Diner on Facebook)

This 1950s inspired diner serves up all of the classics: burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and most importantly, milkshakes and pie.

For more information, visit littleanthonysdiner.com.

Lotus Garden, Est. 1968

5975 E. Speedway Blvd.
(Photo courtesy of Lotus Garden on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Lotus Garden on Facebook)

This local Chinese gem is the oldest family-run Chinese restaurant in Tucson. Lotus Garden offers a wide range of Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. They also have a wine shop boasting over 500 wines and over 300 spirits.

For more information, visit lotusgarden.com.

Micha’s Restaurant, Est. 1976

2908 S. 4th Ave.
(Photo courtesy of Micha's Restaurant)

(Photo courtesy of Micha’s Restaurant)

A recent fire has rendered the restaurant uninhabitable for now, but they’re still catering their classics out of a commissary kitchen in the meantime — call (520) 623-5307 to order for your next event.

Keep up with Micha’s Restaurant on Facebook.

Nevada Smith’s Saloon, Est. 1980

1175 W. Miracle Mile
(Photo courtesy of Nevada Smith's Saloon)

(Photo courtesy of Nevada Smith’s Saloon)

This saloon serves up steaks and daily specials for some of the most affordable-but-still-tasty deals in town. On Wednesday, Surf & Turf with a six-ounce top sirloin, shrimp, and alfredo noodles for $10.

For more information, visit nevadasmithssaloon.com.

Old Times Kafe, Est. 1986

1485 W. Prince Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Old Times Kafe)

(Photo courtesy of Old Times Kafe)

Old Times Kafe, a 1940s ranch house-turned-restaurant has served fresh, homestyle eats since 1986. Along with our waffles, omelets, burgers, and other classic diner meals, they serve up lots of smiles and reminders of the good ol’ days.

For more information, visit oldtimeskafe.com.

Silver Saddle Steakhouse, Est. 1984

310 E. Benson Hwy.
The Silver Saddle Steakhouse sign (Credit: Jackie Tran)

The Silver Saddle Steakhouse sign (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Adam Sandler has been here and he’s famous. Great thing about this steakhouse? You don’t have to feel obligated to dress up: they’re all about Tucson casual. Oh, and the steak is delicious.

For more information, visit thesilversaddlesteakhouse.com.

To see 25 additional iconic Tucson restaurants, read our previous article, 25 Tucson Restaurants Over 25 Years Old.

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