BREAKING NEWS: “BIRD Bar & Chicken” at Casas Adobes closes permanently

"Bird just never seemed to get a full head of steam going."

BIRD Bar & Chicken at Casas Adobes has officially closed. Fukushu Restaurant Concepts’ partner Brandon Katz, issued the statement below. Fukushu also operate OBON Bar Restaurant Sushi and Goodness Fresh Food & Juice Bar.

“On the evening of 9/14 we officially made the decision to close the doors. Operating for just over a year, it is no secret that business has been a struggle since day 1. Having several hurdles in our way prior to opening, Bird just never seemed to get a full head of steam going and ultimately had to be closed due to financial situations.

On behalf of the Fukushu Restaurant Concepts team, we want to thank any and all supporters of Bird. We set out to create something different for the NW Tucson dining scene and ultimately failed on many different levels.

On a personal note, I want all to know that I am disheartened, humbled, and saddened by this decision. As a passion project, Bird was meant to be something different, something memorable. The concept was confusing and I did a terrible job of getting the details in line with the vision. The failure is 100% on me as the operator and no blame should be directed elsewhere. I want to thank all those who helped keep Bird open for the past year, I wholeheartedly appreciate all that you have done. While this singular moment in life will not deter the growth of the company as a whole, I will take the lessons and humility this situation has brought upon me to learn from and only get stronger in all we do. This business is hard, quite possibly the hardest industry of all, and it takes careful planning, perfect execution, and a lot of luck to survive in it.

I want to assure the public that both OBON and Goodness will continue to operate and is as strong as ever. Other operations will not be effected by the closure of Bird.”

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