“Elixir Ice Cream” brings THC-infused ice cream to Tucson

Four-ounce servings are available in three different dosages: 10, 40, or 70 mg of THC.

Last modified on December 11th, 2018 at 9:14 am

Assorted ice cream from Elixir Ice Cream (Credit: Jackie Tran)

In the world of THC-infused edibles, brownies are iconic. But there’s room for improvement. Step it up à la mode with a scoop of THC-infused ice cream.

AS Alchemy has brought that dream to life with Elixir Ice Cream.

“I’ve been making all-natural ice cream for 10 years,” said KJ, founder of AS Alchemy and product developer at Elixir Ice Cream. “We decided to move into the medically-infused industry with it. And so that’s kind of what we did.”

The ice cream is pasteurized, infused, and churned in an in-state licensed kitchen. Four-ounce servings are available in three different dosages: 10, 40, or 70 mg of THC.

“We have a high content of butterfat in the cream, and the THC binds to the fat,” KJ said. “It stays in your system longer, which benefits patients who need it more.”

Of course, the THC-infused ice cream isn’t for everyone — only patients with medical cannabis cards can purchase it. The ice cream is on sale at the dispensaries Green Med Wellness Center and Purple Med Healing Center.  Additionally, delivery is available via Hermes Delivery Service at (520) 881-0250.

Lids for assorted flavors from Elixir Ice Cream (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Lids for assorted flavors from Elixir Ice Cream (Credit: Jackie Tran)

“We partnered with a dispensary and grower that focuses on growing and producing [a] pure, natural, clean flower [for] our pure, natural, clean ice cream,” KJ said.

These four year-round flavors are available only in 10 or 40 mg of THC:

  • Mary Jane’s Mint Chip
  • Dutched Chocolate
  • Toasted Caramel Almond
  • Animal Cookies & Cream

A seasonal flavor changes every two months, available only in 70 mg of THC. The current seasonal flavor is Egg Nug.

Two coconut milk-based vegan flavors are also available. Weedy Colada, available with 10 or 70 mg of THC, has coconut, mango, and passionfruit. The other flavor rotates and is only available with 40 mg of THC — the current flavor is Ganja Joy, made with coconut, dark chocolate, and almond.

“Into 2019, we’re hoping to expand the line throughout the state of Arizona,” KJ said. “We’ll also introduce a CBD line to be sold at places other than dispensaries,” since CBD is not regulated in the same manner as THC.

In January, the brand plans on launching a line of ice cream sandwiches using THC-infused cookies with THC-infused ice cream in between.

Keep up with Elixir Ice Cream on Instagram. For more information, email info@elixiricecream.com.

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