6 December, 2021, 15:03

El Charro Family to Open “charrovida” Restaurant in Casas Adobes Plaza

The concept pays homage to Mediterranean, European, and Sonoran Desert heritage.

Casas Adobes Plaza will soon house charrovida, the newest restaurant concept from the family behind El Charro Cafe.

The space at 7109 N. Oracle Rd. previously housed BIRD Bar & Chicken, which closed after a one-year run.

A press release from Flores Concepts stated that charrovida is expected to open in May 2019.

The concept pays homage to Mediterranean, European, and Sonoran Desert heritage. Furthermore, it will embrace their commitment to longevity, sustainability, and enjoyment through sharing delicious meals.

With Spain topping the list of Bloomberg’s 2019 healthiest nations, recipes will be inspired from the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet and native Sonoran cuisine. As a result, oils in recipes will only be olive and seed oils. Furthermore, the restaurant will focus on local produce and sustainable proteins.

“In Salamanca, Spain there is a ‘comarca’ or area known as ‘Campo Charro’ which is where much of the Charro lifestyle famous as a sport in Mexico was derived from,” chef Carlotta Flores said. “Not the rodeo sport part of the culture, but rather the folklore, use of ornate jewelry and dress as well as a commitment to delicious and mindful cooking that incorporates such items as olive oils, lentils, garbanzo, fish, red wine and all-natural farm raised proteins.”

With sustainability in mind, Carlotta and her team of executive chef Gary Hickey and Alba Cabrera will design a kitchen with two distinct, separate cooking areas: one that cooks proteins and one that exclusively cooks plant-based items.

The restaurant will also feature a full bar with a more robust red and organic wine selection, in addition to classic cocktails and wellness-conceived cocktails. Lastly, the family’s Hola Hemp line of vegan high protein recipes will be utilized.

Operating hours are tentative; the restaurant will focus on lunch and dinner.

For more information, visit charrovida.com.

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