Meatless Monday: Jackfruit Asada Torta at Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar

Meatless Monday is a Tucson Foodie feature highlighting a great, local meat-free meal every Monday.

Meatless “meat” options have progressed dramatically in recent years.

Beyond Meat’s ground beef-like Beyond Burger jumped into easy accessibility by hitting Whole Foods Market shelves and fast food chain markets.

While the Beyond Burger features a long list of ingredients that most restaurant kitchen’s wouldn’t have, another (simpler) meat substitute has reached mainstream stardom — jackfruit.

The massive fruit, native to southwest India, can reach 120 pounds in weight. While the ripe fruit has a sweet tropical flavor, the unripe fruit has a mild flavor and texture that resembles pulled pork when cooked.

At Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar, the Jackfruit Asada Torta features marinated jackfruit, pickled shallots, jalapeños, Merchant’s Garden lettuce, and cashew aioli on an Alejandro’s birote.

The shallots and jalapeños add brightness, while the cashew aioli provides a richness. Although the jackfruit itself is the star, take notice of the exceptionally fresh local lettuce grown less than three miles away, along with the local birote baked about six miles away.

Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar is located at 220 N. Fourth Ave. For more information, visit

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