Daniel Scordato’s “Postosano” to open with gourmet Italian takeout fare

The eatery will open on the corner of North Campbell and East Skyline.

Celebrated Tucson restaurateur Daniel Scordato is currently overseeing the preparation of a new Foothills eatery — one that he characterizes as “gourmet Italian takeout.”

Postosano (“healthy place” in Italian), scheduled to open in November, will be located just a Sorrento lemon’s throw from Scordato’s famed upscale restaurant, Vivace.

A comparatively new concept to Tucson, such quick-order, gourmet take-away cafes first appeared in Milan, Italy, and, in recent years, have begun popping up in New York, Los Angeles, and other U.S. cities.

Postosano restaurant

Postosano signage (Photo by Max McConkey)

“I’ve been considering for awhile opening a casual place, where folks can stop by, quickly order, and then take home food of the quality we serve at Vivace,” Scordato said. The menu, he explained, will include now-trendy “Roman pizza,” choice hot and cold sandwiches — from meatball to prime pastrami — and a variety of gourmet salads.

Wine and beer will be available for takeout, too.

Using newly popular, automated technology, customers will enter Postosano and order on their own, using large, interactive touch-screens that will display a selection of all offered menu variations (complete with photos) and prices. Payment will be handled electronically, via credit or debit card.

“Runners,” not traditional wait staff, will then bring the made-to-order, packaged-to-go food. There will be no bar and seating in the restaurant will be limited — largely for customers awaiting their take-away orders.

Postosano will be located at 6370 N. Campbell Ave., on the southeast corner of Campbell and East Skyline Drive, in a shopping center anchored by a CVS pharmacy on its west end and Fleming’s Steakhouse on the east. The space previously housed Nox Kitchen & Cocktails, and, most recently, Goodness Fresh Food & Juice.

Daniel Scordato, who left his partnership in Scordato’s Pizzeria earlier this year, will face a short commute between Vivace and his new cafe — approximately 500 yards due south. “It will be great being able to walk between the two,” he says.

Postosano restaurant

Postosano restaurant (Photo by Max McConkey)

The award-winning Vivace, which first opened in 1993, moved to its current location across North Campbell Avenue from upscale La Encantada outdoor plaza, in 2014.

The Scordato family has been in the Tucson food business since Daniel’s father, Jim Scordato, Sr., moved from New Jersey to open a restaurant here in 1972.

Stay tuned for additional details.

Max is a Tucson artist, painting colorful, textured abstracts; a writer, and a former non-profit executive. He loves food and sharing it with his wife. Their three dogs eat kibble. Mostly.