3 December, 2021, 06:54

Taco Tuesday in Tucson: Cachete Tacos at Tacos de Cabeza

For one of the best parts of the cabeza, order the cheek, known as cachete.

“Taco Tuesday in Tucson” is a column where we explore the unique tacos stands throughout Tucson… on Tuesdays.

Have you ever eaten tacos de cabeza? And have you eaten at Tacos de Cabeza?

This will get a little confusing, but stay with us here.

Tacos de Cabeza (Credit: Shana Rose)

Tacos de Cabeza (Credit: Shana Rose)

As a type of taco meat, cabeza is generally meat picked from the head of a cow. While it isn’t glamorous, and maybe a little terrifying instead, cabeza tacos have the potential to become one of your favorites.

While cabeza consists of meat from the head, it’s typically more muscle and fat rather than organ. This means you don’t have to worry about funky brain (referred to as sesos, definitely an acquired taste) and other offal such as eyeballs (ojos), lips (labios), and even roof of mouth (paladar).

At the south side taco truck, which is also called Tacos de Cabeza, they naturally specialize in cabeza tacos. They even offer all of the aforementioned offal a la carte.

For one of the best parts of the cabeza, order the cheek, known as cachete. If you love succulent fall-apart meat, then you will absolutely adore the cachete. Since it is intensely rich, make sure to include the lime and salsa for acidity to balance it.

Tacos de Cabeza is located at 5245 S. 12th Ave.

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