27 November, 2022, 04:41

Locally produced web series “Infused Chef” features chef Riley Chandler in premiere episode

Chef Riley Chandler preps, cooks, and serves his lightly medicated dishes to four cannabis industry guests.

Growers Network is a Tucson based company that runs an online forum for cannabis enthusiasts. Interestingly enough they are also a video production company that produces cannabis-related content on YouTube through their channel ‘Growers Network.’ The Youtube channel has amassed nearly 5 million total views and 70,000 subscribers in little over a year.

The flagship series featured on their YouTube channel entitled ‘Canna Cribs’ gives viewers an exclusive inside look at grow operations all across the country. The series is often described as ‘MTV Cribs’ for cannabis. The channel also features ‘Deep Roots’ which explores food along with cannabis.

So, how is this relevant to food and Tucson?

Upon the demise of Vice’s Bong Appetit, the Growers Network team sensed an opportunity for a food related series featuring cannabis. That led to the Infused Chef episode featuring Riley Chandler. Future episodes will feature a variety of different chefs.

The pilot episode features four cannabis industry guests chatting about all things cannabis while Chandler preps, cooks, and serves his lightly medicated dishes.

There’s a bit of cannabis related banter, so if you really want to get to the food portions of the video, each course begins at the following times: course one (start at beginning), course two (10:07), Course three (12:26), palate cleanser (15:10), course four (16:12), and course five (18:44).

If you do have an interest in growing cannabis, check out some of their other videos at the official CannaCribs Youtube channel.

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