Foodie 15: Patios that will keep you cool during Tucson summers

May 17, 2022
By Sam Jump
By Sam Jump

It's getting hot, hot, hot

It’s hard to complain about the weather in a city that gets a whopping 300-ish days of sunshine each year. Just ask Midwesterners, they’ll tell you.

But even the most optimistic person might find themselves on the grumpy side of the spectrum by mid-summer in Tucson — when their tolerance for the heat starts to run out of steam.

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Thankfully, these 15 patio spots around town have invested in ways to keep you able to dine outdoors with a lessened fear of heatstroke. Read on and plan your summer outings accordingly.

(Reminder: These are only a few and not all).

Agustín Kitchen

100 S. Avenida del Convento Ste. 150


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Tucked away in the historic Mercado San Agustín on the west side of Tucson, Agustín Kitchen delivers a unique experience of American and French cuisine while incorporating local produce and fresh flavors. With a menu that changes seasonally, so it goes for their outdoor patio area. That means that in the summer, they’re keeping their visitors comfy and cool with misters and plenty of shady seating options.

So, whether you’re hitting MSA specifically for Agustín Kitchen or you happen upon the restaurant while exploring one of the local markets hosted in the courtyard, their patio is sure to offer you a bit of solace.

Learn more by visiting

Blue Willow Restaurant & Gift Shop

2616 N. Campbell Ave.

Blue Willow acts as a one stop shop offering access to a bakery, gift shop, and menus that have you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With service like that, it’s not uncommon for them to bring a crowd, and whether you end up dining on their patio by choice or simple supply and demand, it won’t be something you have to sweat. You know, because they have misters and ample shading… Get it?

Scope their menus by visiting

Casa Marana Craft Beer + Wine

8225 N. Courtney Page Way, Suite 191

Casa Marana crushes it when it comes to variety, offering 600 different bottled and canned beers, 30 beers and 8 wines on tap, and an extensive list of spirits. With an emphasis on Arizona products and a menu consisting of appetizers, paninis, and in-house brick oven Neo-Neapolitan style pizzas, you really can’t go wrong.

We mustn’t forget to mention the views from their patio — another delicious part of the package. With much of their patio covered and misters cranked on warmer days, you can savor every layer of craft-loving sweetness even during the summer months.

Peruse their draft options, menu, and calendar of events at

Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

228 E. Sixth St.
Crooked Tooth Brewing Company
Photo by Tony Zamorano

When the Crooked Tooth crew updated their patio to welcome their community back from months of at-home drinking, they pulled out all the stops. Not only was each new table crafted to include an umbrella, but their overhead misting system got an upgrade of its own.

In regards to food, Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. serves up beautifully crafted charcuterie boards on-site, you can step across the alley to order a tasty pie from Anello, or chomp on anything you and your pals decide to bring along.

Visit Crooked Tooth’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all their happenings. 

The Dutch Eatery & Refuge

5340 E. Broadway Blvd.
The Dutch Eatery & Refuge
Photo courtesy of The Dutch Eatery & Refuge on Facebook

Owners of The Dutch, Marcus and Nicole van Winden, have been on a mission to cultivate a space where they can bring fabulous food, refreshing drinks, and exceptional service to the communities of Tucson. Recently relocating from Main Gate Square to their new spot on East Broadway, their evolution continues.

With a far larger outdoor area, providing more room for activities as well as shade and misters, you can celebrate their move and all they’re dishing out via their updated menus, still packed with the fine flavors of Holland.

Check out their menus, events, and more at

Firetruck Brewing

4746 E. Grant Rd.

The key to any success is simply to start, and that’s exactly what the founders of Firetruck Brewing Company did when they began building on their vision for the biz in 2012 — by brewing beer from the comfort of their garage. Fast forward eight years and they have three restaurants and a production brewery here in Tucson.

The highlight for this Foodie 15, however, is their Grant Road location, sure to set you up for outdoor dining success, even in the midst of our sweltering summers. Not only is their patio fully canopied with misters and fans but it’s dog-friendly. What more do you need?

Be sure to stop by their other locations as well, located at 9155 E. Tanque Verde Rd. and 9630 N. Oracle Rd.

Learn more about all Firetruck Brewing Company locations at

Flora’s Market Run

2513 E. Sixth St.

Flora’s Market Run is among the growing many zhuzhing up a certain sweet spot in Sam Hughes. With Tucson staples, Tumerico and Bob Dobb‘s, as well as the recently announced Borderlands Brewing & BOCA collab coming soon, the corner of E. Sixth Street and Tucson Blvd is an increasingly happening place to be.

Especially on these sunny summer days, Flora’s have you and your family and friends covered with a fully shaded patio area lined with misters.

Learn more by visiting

The Gardens at Bear Canyon

8991 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

A completely outdoor restaurant and bar might be hard to wrap your mind around in the heat of Tucson summer, but The Gardens at Bear Canyon owners, Austin and Devin Santos, have us covered — literally. With umbrellas and misters scattered among the curated landscaping and customized metalwork, this non-traditional, family-friendly gem can be enjoyed year-round.

With games like bocce ball and cornhole, a rotating menu that includes some solid vegetarian options, an impressive selection of craft cocktail and beers, and live music throughout the month, you’ll be glad you checked it out for yourself.

The Gardens at Bear Canyon is currently operating under their summer hours, which are Wednesday – Sunday from 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Follow their Instagram page to stay in the loop on their menu and events. 

Meyer Avenue Cafe & Mercantile

353 S. Meyer Ave.

Nestled in The Coronet‘s beautiful courtyard, Meyer Avenue Cafe & Mercantile sets a tone for extraordinary coffee breaks and sustainably-sourced meals in quite the sanctuary of a space.

With strong wifi, ample outlets, and free coffee refills, they support the growing community of remote workers. Dog lovers at heart, you can share peaceful time with friends of the human and fur-having variety alike. The on-site mercantile is stocked with locally-made home and pantry wares. And regardless of your reason for stopping by, you can stay cool with overhead misters and plenty of shade thanks to strategically placed umbrellas and lush, natural landscape.

We could go on! But we’ll simply suggest visiting their website at to learn more. 

OBON Sushi Bar Ramen

350 E. Congress St.


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Where do sushi and ramen lovers go in downtown Tucson? They go to OBON. Nestled in the heart of Tucson’s entertainment district, they add a sleek yet casual vibe to Congress Street. Featuring a variety of shareable appetizers, ramen, and sushi all sided with their imaginative drink menu, your options are vast to say the least.

If you’re one to dig people watching as part of your night out, their patio is the perfect spot. And with their perma-canopy shading and misters to keep you cool, even on these warm summer nights, OBON will help you set the stage for a successful evening.

Check out their menu by visiting

Poco & Moms Cantina

7000 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
Patio at Poco & Mom's Cantina (Credit: Jackie Tran)
Patio at Poco & Mom’s Cantina (Credit: Jackie Tran)

The climate of the southwest has proven ideal for growing Hatch chiles, and Tucson’s Poco & Mom’s delivers a menu full of ways for you to try them out. Whether you’re out to watch a game, get a cold one with pals, or sample their Hatch chile-packed New Mexican style food, their cantina was designed with fun in mind.

Don’t deny a chance to score a table in their beautiful courtyard just because it’s summer either. With generous shading and misters to boot, you can stay cool even when you’re Hatching it up.

Check out their hours and menus by visiting

Saguaro Corners Restaurant & Bar

3750 S. Old Spanish Trail


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On the hunt for a place that serves up comfort food and craft beer? Saguaro Corners Restaurant & Bar just might be your place! With 20 tap options, fresh margaritas, and a variety of mouthwatering dishes to try, their Rincon Mountain views may seem a little more beautiful by the time you leave.

Located just outside of Saguaro National Park, Saguaro Corners’ patio is stacked with plenty of shade, cooling misters, and misting fans. So whether you’re on your way back from a hike or out for a summer night with your sweetie, don’t pass them by.

You can view their menu and more by visiting


7053 N. Oracle Rd.


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The Teaspoon team takes pride in being a “creative, modern eatery,” offering innovative twists on classic flavors and dishes. From bubble waffles and Challah French toast to steak au poivre and buddha bowls, their menu has something for nearly everyone.

Teaspoon’s patio is bringing the comfort, too, with a shade-heavy patio and misters staged about making the warm afternoons of summer no reason to pass them by.

Check out their menu and hours at

Trident II

2910 N. Swan Rd.
(Credit: Trident Grill II)
(Credit: Trident Grill II)

The owners of Trident Grill were on a mission to bring a taste of east coast flavors to the southwest. Add their love for sports and military service and you’ve got Trident Grill, and they didn’t stop with one — they’ve got four locations around Tucson.

Specific to this guide is Trident Grill II with misters that surround their community-geared patio and TVs that can be seen from nearly every seat in and outside. Perfect for those who want to hang with their buds and brews outside while catching one of the summer day’s games.

Check out their full menu and details on other locations by visiting


7037 N. Oracle Rd.
(Credit: Wildflower)
(Credit: Wildflower)

Inspired by flavors from around the world, Wildflower grows seasonally while staying tuned to their Tucson roots. With favorites like Spinach Pappardelle and Braised Beef Short Rib, they’re serving dishes with comfort and intention woven into every dish.

Those intentions don’t stop with the food, though, as they keep visitors comfy with a patio full of shades and misters that will keep them cool all summer long.

View their menu or make reservations by visiting

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