Monday Munchies: ‘Western Bacon Chi’ burger at Midtown Vegan Deli & Market

Tucson Foodie’s “Monday Munchies” articles are brought to you by NatureMed.

Thanksgiving has packed up its cornucopia and left the building, opening up the calendar for several other food adventures to take place here in Tucson.

On Mondays, we like to get our munch on and Midtown Vegan Deli & Market has something super special. If you’ve got a hefty appetite and you’re looking for something a little closer to nature, much like the edibles found at NatureMed, grab ahold of the completely meat-free Western Bacon Chi burger.

Western Bacon Chi at Midtown Vegan Deli & Market (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Western Bacon Chi at Midtown Vegan Deli & Market (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Sure, you may be thinking, “I love eating meat, though.”  However, this handheld meal, which can be made with a black bean patty or Beyond Burger, is a beast of a sandwich most folks would enjoy. Heck, even meat-eaters get 10% off their meal on Mondays.

The burger is rather nostalgic for Tucson Foodie’s Hannah Hernandez, who’s always tackling all things vegan here in the city and beyond.

“It’s 100 times more enjoyable than my old Carl’s Jr. favorite,” said Hernandez. “I knew it would be good, but it was perfect. The crunchy onion rings with barbecue sauce are the best.”

If you’re looking for something tasty to pair it up with, check out Midtown Vegan Deli’s loaded fries and tater tots.

The Philly Style is smothered in cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers, the Ranch Style is something you’d see coming out of an Eegee’s drive-thru window, and the Buffalo Style lights up your mouth with its combo of ranch drizzle and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

 Midtown Vegan Deli & Market is located at 5071 E. Fifth St. For more information, visit

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