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Monday Munchies: Turkey & Cranberry Tamales at Tucson Tamale Co.

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What’s your favorite dish at a typical Thanksgiving gathering?

Is it the cranberry sauce that comes out of a can and then manages to still resemble that same can once it’s wiggling on a plate? Perhaps it’s the stuffing or dressing that floats your gravy boat.

Turkey & Cranberry Tamales (Photo courtesy of Tucson Tamale Company)

Turkey & Cranberry Tamales (Photo courtesy of Tucson Tamale Company)

Well, what if your favorites were packed into one incredible bite? The fan-favorite and Thanksgiving-inspired Turkey and Cranberry Tamales are back on the menu at Tucson Tamale Company (for a limited time).

“Really, it’s just turkey, cranberry, stuffing… it’s Thanksgiving in one bite,” said Todd Martin, co-owner of Tucson Tamale Company.

Right now, you can snag a 16-pack of Turkey and Cranberry Tamales for $99 online.

“We start with freshly roasted turkey, then mix in carrots, celery, and onions,” Tucson Tamale shared. “Next, we add the herbs and broth to make a flavorful gravy. We combine it all together with sweet red cranberries then mix in a touch of sage to our signature white masa.”

Sweet Pumpkin Tamales (Photo courtesy of Tucson Tamale Company)

Sweet Pumpkin Tamales (Photo courtesy of Tucson Tamale Company)

If you’re in the market for even more, they’re also selling Sweet Pumpkin Tamales.

There’s a Seasonal Thanksgiving Tamale Bundle, which is 12 Turkey and Cranberry Tamales paired with six Sweet Pumpkin Tamales for $99.  If you’re super hungry or feeding a large group of people, there is a 36-combo-pack for $159. Any of these can be purchased online and from the comfort of your own home, much like the convenient experience happening over at NatureMed’s online shop.

For more information and to order online, visit tucsontamale.com. Are you looking for some other munchies? Check out the Kalifornia cheesesteak sandwich at Serial Grillers


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