Foodie Content Creators to Follow in 2024

January 4, 2024
By Shane Reiser
By Shane Reiser

We @tucsonfoodie aren’t the only ones in Tucson dishing out delicious food and beverage content. Here are some other foodies to follow.

Alberta (@phx_food_whisperer)

She may be based in Phoenix, but Alberta gets down to Tucson a lot, acting as a rare bridge between two great foodie destinations.

Arielle DeSoucey (@civilwines)

We see you, Arielle! Your IG content is hilarious and makes good wine a bit more accessible for the rest of us. Keep going!

Chelsey Hauston (@letthemeatthis)

Another influencer who doesn’t live in Tucson but gets down here a lot and pumps out some great content, helping spread the good word about Tucson to her followers all over the country.

Chez Peachy (@chezpeachy)

Owner Christa Lebron is an inspiration to aspiring bakers and food artisans everywhere. Sometimes funny and sometimes serious, her IG is a look inside life as a small business owner, her baking process, and lots of shots of her gorgeous cakes.

Hannah Hernandez (@deathfreefoodie)

Hannah continues to kill it on IG, even after taking over the reins of Tucson Foodie’s own IG. She’s everywhere, all the time, creating amazing content for us and @deathfreefoodie.

Jim Harris (@jim_shoots_food)

Jim is a highly experienced food photographer here in Tucson who maybe doesn’t get the amount of attention he deserves. I enjoy seeing his work on his IG and hope to meet this guy one day. Apparently, he’s worked with over 1,000 restaurants!

Kim Johnston (@kimmyeatstucson)

You probably already know about Kim. Her work keeps getting better and better. Lately, she’s been creating these beautiful reels that capture dark spaces remarkably well.

Megan (@Rove.and.relish)

Megan continues to pump out consistent foodie content year after year in Tucson.

Mexican Megan (@tucsonlocalista)

Another Megan?! Yep. And just like the Megan above, this Megan pumps out consistent foodie content in Tucson.

Michael and Shane (@watchnextlevel)

I’m totally buggin’ here because my first name is Shane, my middle name is Michael, and I run Tucson Foodie — and here we have two guys named Shane and Michael putting out foodie content in Tucson. In any case, Shane and Michael’s unique voices make them a must-follow.

Michelle Herman (@tucson.eats)

Another gram that’s often overlooked, Michelle is one to follow for good content about local Tucson restaurants.

Natalie Moe (@happilypinkblog)

Tucson native Natalie Moe is a professional content creator. Follow her IG for lots of Tucson food and drink content plus tons of content from her amazing travels.

Sasha + Jacob (@sjfoodieadventurez)

An adorable couple bouncing back and forth between Tucson and Massachusetts, dropping all kinds of yummies on their IG for us.

Talisa (@talisaeastlocal)

If you’ve met Talisa, you know she’s a lovely person. She keeps two IG accounts. You want Talisa Eats Local, where she drops all her foodie content.

This is Tucson (

The team at This is Tucson leaned into foodie content in a big way over the past two years. Their IG is still a mix of everything food and not-food, so the best way to make sure you don’t miss their foodie stuff is to visit them on the web at and subscribe to their food-specific weekly newsletter.

TucsonMunchies (@tucson.munchies)

A definitely must-follow for all foodies in Tucson, Tucson Munchies is growing fast and their reels are awesome.

Welcome to Arizona (@welcometoarizona)

Neither Tucson-specific nor food-specific, Welcome to Arizona hit one million followers last year and is promoting the beauty of Arizona (Tucson included) in a way no one else is. Their drone footage is a constant reminder that we live in one of the most beautiful states in the country.

Xochitl Gracia (@tucson_vegan)

Xochitl is always on the hunt for 100% vegan options in both Tucson and Hermosillo.

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