Forty Niner Country Club (Photo by Rich Sande)

Forty Niner Country Club & Harbottle Brewing Team Up For an Exclusive Beer

May 3, 2024
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By Kevin Thomas
By Kevin Thomas

Forty Niner Country Club has already added to its new-ish menu!

The country club, which is free of charge to enter and enjoy, has added a bar area complete with a fenced-in patio, where patrons can order the new Forty Niner Blonde Ale. Forty Niner Country Club has partnered with the local brewery Harbottle Brewing Company to create their first craft beer.

“It’s a nice crispy blonde ale; an all-day drinker. A nice, relaxed, slow sipper kind of beer,” said Chris Klok, the director of events and marketing for Forty Niner Country Club.

So far, the new brew has been a success at the country club as it pushes for more visitors to order local beers. “[Forty Niner Blonde Ale] is a gateway beer. We turn a lot of people onto good local beer because of it.”

The thought of having an exclusive beer for the Forty Niner Country Club has been a goal of Klok’s since he joined the team last July and the partnership with Harbottle Brewing has been fruitful.

“I am just a huge beer enthusiast and love the brewing process,” said Klok. “It’s been a dream. Harbottle Brewing has always made a fantastic product. They are a brewery in town that does not get enough love.”

For foodies who are familiar with the menu at Forty Niner, the bar also serves the complete food menu.

Almost a year ago, Chef Brian Smith took over as the new Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage. Chef Smith may sound familiar to many — before this, he was the longtime Executive Chef for Maynards. A graduate of Pima Community College, Chef Brian has more than 15 years of fine dining experience, cooking under renowned Michelin Star Chef Daniel Patterson in San Francisco, and then working under James Beard Award-winning Executive Chef Sean Brock in South Carolina.

Construction of the new bar, which formerly was the Catalina banquet room, began in November of last year and opened for service in March. The new space features service windows, has fire pits, and extends to the children’s playground.

Inspiration for a bar area came from staff and golfers alike wanting a space where they could begin their rounds with a drink and celebrate their scores after.

“After they announce the scores, players celebrate and can get rowdy. We all wanted a space to house that. That way golfers can be themselves and won’t feel like they are yelling in the middle of a restaurant,” said Klok.

This decision was not only for the golfers and staffers. Parents also wanted to have a space to unwind while still watching over their children.

“A typical bar has their regulars but this one has its regulars and their families,” said Klok. “It is fenced in and that fence goes all the way back to the playground, you do not have to let your children leave your eyesight.”

(Photo courtesy of Forty Niner Country Club)

When combined with live musical performances from local acts on Fridays and Saturdays, there is suddenly even more reason to visit the country club that is trying to reimagine what a club should look like in Tucson.

“Yes, we are a country club, but we are not the classic country club. We are a little more casual,” said Klok.

Nestled between the Catalina and Rincon Mountains, the course meanders along a wooded riverbed with fairways lined by mature trees and native desert shrubbery. The golf course provides a visually inviting 18-hole course layout while providing a solid challenge for all players.

Chef Smith is always cooking up something new and changes the menu seasonally. Check out their Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming events.

The Forty Niners Country Club is located at 12000 E. Tanque Verde Rd. For more information, visit or call (520) 749-4925.

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