Tucson’s Fruit-Land Market Ends 45+ Year Run

The Fruit-Land Market – beloved, nostalgic, and symbolic of an older, rawer Tucson – will close on May 1st due to the sale of the property.

The Fruit-Land Market received little press, but for those curious about the quaint market with the spray-painted signage, here’s what’s available:

Quick Fruit-Land Market facts:

  • Owner Larry Green took over the market in 1962
  • Mr. Green worked for previous owner for $1 per hour
  • Market operated by Mr. Green and wife, Joan
  • The Greens lived in a house attached to the market and will sell their summer home in Detroit to purchase a permanent Tucson home

Adam Lehrman started Tucson Foodie in late 2008 as a way to track his search for the best food Tucson had to offer.