Metzger Family Restaurants Introduces 20% Discount For Locals

Brian Metzger has a new year’s resolution for 2015: go local.

If you’re unfamiliar, Metzger is the restaurateur who brought Tucson The Abbey, Jax Kitchen, Poppy Kitchen, Gio Taco, and most recently, Jackson Tavern. Now he’s bringing two of his current ventures, Poppy Kitchen and Gio Taco, to a new level of “community-oriented”.

It all starts at Poppy Kitchen at the Westin La Paloma. As of January 6, don’t neglect to bring your ID. With the new “Local 20” discount, Tucson guests will get 20% off the bill, no questions asked. This deal doesn’t have an end-date, either. It’s officially part of Poppy Kitchen, forever.

Metzger Family Restaurants has partnered with Local First Arizona to raise awareness about this new program. According to Mr. Metzger, “he was weary of sending local money to out-of-state couponing sites like Groupon. His philosophy is: let’s love our locale.”

The second announcement comes in the form of cheaper, build-your-own tacos – did that perk your ears up? All tacos Gio Taco downtown will now be $2.50 each and can be customized with your choice of fillings and toppings. Other Gio Taco favorites will remain on the menu, such as the burrito and nachos, also in a build-your-own style.

Finally, the third announcement: Thrifty Ice Cream is now available at Gio Taco. If you’re curious, there’s no word yet on if that’s a potential build-your-own taco topping option.

See the new Gio Taco menu at, and visit Poppy Kitchen’s website for more information on their menu and hours.

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